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How are we Different

Critic Thoughts’s first and foremost priority is our clients and to serve them best we make certain we are providing them exactly what we are promising and nothing less. All our providers go through a stringent reviewing process that are carried out by our experience and highly skilled technical gurus.

We take into account every minute detail, from encryption methods to the real-life speed of every Critic Thoughts service and all the individual features provided. Furthermore, we also thoroughly and repeatedly test our own level of customer care service, professionalism and keep a strict quality benchmark on every service offered.

We don’t under any condition mislead our customers about our features and services but like most of similar sites we do make a small commission on people signing up on the services we recommend and review through linking etc. We don’t promised or recommend and inferior service and therefore fooling our customers for our gain. If any site or its service has been unable to live upto its mark then there is no way we are going to recommend it to our customers regardless of how much the site has been willing to pay.

On most of our comparison lists, we always speculate the very purpose a customer has in mind while purchasing a CiriticThoughts product, some customers go for fastest speed and others go for high end quality and vise versa. Our lists have been designed to suit both the customers.

What else do we do?

We are aware of cyber crime and the strong values of privacy and therefore we offer free guides on security and privacy on every aspect. There is a high need of proper education on the subject of cyber crime and hacking. People easily fall victim to privacy abuse and suffer a great loss. At Cirtic Thoughts we offer support, education, features and various sponsorship to educate you on how to protect your privacy and maintain strict online security.