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Price per Month



  • Build-in education and services
  • Vigilant customer support
  • Speed and security
  • Intuitive dashboard
  • Integrated marketing features
  • E-Commerce operations features
  • Incredible annual discounts


  • Pricing
  • Bandwidth limit
  • Extra cost of buying more bandwidth
  • Extra cost of SSL Certificates

Volusion is known to be one of the top hosted e-commerce platform facilities. They provide clients with the tools they need to fulfill their hosting needs. The features provided by Volusion lean heavily towards the e-commerce world in an operational capacity such as customer management, inventory management and several other over marketing-led features.

The technical aspect of things may not be immediately related to a client’s sales, product and services but it is the one factor that can be a roadblock in the day to day growth of an online store. That being said, choosing a certain web hosting is not something that comes easily to people mostly because there is no such thing as the “best choice”. The only thing that matters is what service best meets the wants and needs of a client, and if it does meet all or most of them, it becomes the best choice.

Volusion provides services that contain a solution to every web hosting problem out there with the essential tools needed to grow a business as well as the right amount of space needed to control and customize an e-commerce store. Here we will review the hosting service in detail.

Volusion Built-In Features

The best e-commerce platforms give clients the power to be able to customize the e-commerce page that belongs to them with the help of shortcuts. Volusion provides users with some of the best features in the market.

  • Social Sharing

Volusion makes adding Facebook buttons onto the e-commerce store an easy process. All clients need to do is follow the following steps.

  1. Click Administrative settings
  2. Click “inventory”
  3. Select “products”
  4. Click the settings button
  5. Click “all products settings”
  6. Click “Enable Facebook-like button”
  7. Click Save

And the visitors will easily be able to share the products that Volusion’s clients sell on Facebook with their friends.

  • Site-Wide Discount

With Volusion, clients can set up a site-wide discount for every product being sold on the store that is in the inventory. The steps to do that are pretty simple too.

  1. Click “marketing” in the Administrative settings
  2. Click “Coupons/discounts”
  3. Click add
  4. Name discount such as “Black Friday Sale”
  5. Select discount percentage
  6. Click Save
  • Product Specific Coupon Codes

For clients who don’t want to set up a site-wide discount, there is always the option for coupon codes where a percentage is marked off on specific items. The fact that Volusion provides this alternative is what makes it shine in this review.

  • Send Emails to Visitors if they Abandon Cart

Volusion provides clients with the ability to send visitors an automated email if they abandon their cart before they check out after 12 hours.

  • Create VIP Pages

When visitors and loyal customers are rewarded with access to limited edition items at incredible discounts, they keep coming back for more. What Volusion does is, it allows clients to create exclusive pages that only a handful of visitors can access and shop at.

  • Hiding Out-of-Stock Items

The last thing Volusion wants is for a client’s customer’s time to be wasted. This is why instead of showing out of stock items on the store, it simply gives clients the option to hide them from visitors.

Built-in Marketing Features offered by Volusion

There is no e-commerce feature that any hosting platform can offer you that will be enough if the e-commerce store can’t drive sales. Yes, having a good marketing strategy is important but it is also of equal importance to have the right tools to make a client’s dream a reality. While BigCommerce may not have every marketing feature available in the market, it has the most and they are effortlessly integrated into its hosting platform for every client.

Volusion comes coupled with an ASP-based platform which is a kind of programming framework that the entire software stands upon. This can very easily turn into a downfall since everyone who is well-acquainted with SEO knows that websites that ruin on ASP are not entire SEO friendly. However, Volusion has avoided all of these risks by introducing a robust SEO feature set that handles issues like duplicate homepages and improperly implemented HTTPS redirects.

Among other features are the following.

  • Meta implementation
  • XML sitemas
  • Canonicalization options
  • Content boxes on category pages

Volusion Pricing

One considerable fact about Volusion is that its pricing is a little bit higher than what a client would expect for a platform that doesn’t support the blogging feature. However, we are adamant to find out if it is worth it.

Volusion reviewFor clients who sign up for Volusion’s annual plan, they receive a stark 10% on their monthly fees, which is such a save!

Ease of Use

As mentioned earlier, a notable fact about Volusion is that it allows people with little to no knowledge of technological devices to be able to create their own online stores from scratch. Most people have products and the knowledge on how to market them but are deathly afraid of programming an online store for themselves. However, for people like this, Volusion makes things easy by giving them room to do what they know best to do.

Options like inserting products, uploading images and managing inventory are only a handful of the things clients can accomplish without having to delve into any codes. If you have an understanding of CSS and HTML, then you can personalize the website however if you don’t, you can make use of the WYSIWYG editor along with 13 free templates, which Volusion’s competitors in the market don’t provide.

Volusion has a user-friendly dashboard that is ideal for newcomers to start their e-commerce store through. One of the biggest benefits you will avail while using this service is that you won’t have to enter your credit card information to start a free trial. This way, you can test the waters before you dive in. There are video tutorials that provide you with a step-to-step guide on how to get started, which I find incredibly helpful.

Volusion Hosting, Security, and Backup Options

The downside to Volusion is that it limits the bandwidth of every user on its plans. This can prove to be rather problematic for clients who have a lot of visitors on their websites, several web pages and high-quality graphics as all of this take up bandwidth.

When clients exceed their bandwidth allowance, they are expected to purchase more in order to keep the store on the website up and running. However, Volusion has introduced several personalized pricing models that have a fixed-fee. This should come as a relief to people who are worried about the overall charges given that it may become important to purchase more bandwidth as the business grows.

There are two sides to this problem.

  1. An additional charge of $7.00 is charged for each gigabyte of bandwidth that clients purchase every month which means the cost can easily be very high.
  2. It isn’t possible to predict how many bandwidths will be needed to be purchased prior to the problem presents itself.

Though it may be ideal for starters, this isn’t a likely choice for pros in the business world.

Volusion App Store

Volusion has its very own marketplace when it comes to apps. This allows clients to have as many as 60 apps on their e-commerce store. Many of these apps are not a creation of Volusion but rather are built by other software creators which is why they can be considered as extensions to Volusion, but not a part of it. With these apps on Volusion’s app store, clients will be able to achieve the following things.

  • Sending emails and newsletters
  • Marketing
  • Shipping
  • Accounting software integration
  • Inventory management

Just a few examples of these apps would be justuno, PayPal, ShipStation, snapengage, Facebook Chat, Logojoy, vextras and 1800ACCOUNTANT. However, Volusion provides many more apps with specialized tools that can be helpful while creating an online store. App integration is not problematic when it comes to the technical aspect of things, which is what makes it perfect for newcomers.

Volusion Template Design Options

Templates are important when it comes to a website as it is responsible for holding the attention of the visitors. Volusion gives clients the option to choose from 39 template designs that are focused on e-commerce stores. This gives clients plenty of options to easily choose from, regardless of what industry they belong to.

These template designs are mobile responses which allow clients to optimize the overall shopping experience of visitors on desktop devices, tablets or smartphones.

There are 11 free template designs and 36 paid ones. All of the paid themes offered by Volusion cost $180 which is the competitive market price offered by Volusion’s counterparts as well. For anyone getting worried about the price, it is important to point out that themes that come loaded with e-commerce features to tend to cost a little bit more than standard website templates but this is only because of the features that they carry.

Volusion Mobile E-Commerce

Mobile shopping is a growing trend for people mostly because of how convenient it is. This makes it important for clients to have an e-commerce store that is mobile-friendly. Anyone with access to the internet knows this. People browse as well as purchase everything on their mobile devices. This only goes to show how important it is for any e-commerce services provider to have a functional mobile-friendly e-commerce store. I for one know that if I access a website on my mobile phone and it fails to load, I won’t open my computer to complete the purchase but rather find a different store.

The surest way to achieve this goal is to choose a theme that is mobile responsive so that a visitor has a satisfied online experience through optimization. All of the themes, free and paid, provided by Volusion are mobile-friendly so they are easy to use on desktop, tablets and smartphones. Clients will have no problems selling their goods through a mobile portal. Volusion even describes itself as a ‘mobile-first’ platform for e-commerce stores.

The best part about Volusion’s mobile app is that it is free for all to use and clients can easily manage sales data, process orders and even ship them.

Our Final Thoughts about Volusion

Based on the review that we have conducted on Volusion, I believe that as for as an e-commerce store builder is concerned, Volusion has taken steps in the right direction even if it has been very recently. With mobile-friendly interface along with a straightforward platform, it is the thing newcomers dream of. One drawback would definitely have to be the bandwidth limitations but the rest makes up for it.

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