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War.  War Never Changes.  At least, it didn’t until Bethesda decided to release Fallout 76 as a multiplayer game.  Fans of the series have enjoyed traversing the Wastelands alone for the past 20 years, or possibly with a sidekick like Dogmeat if they needed a companion.  So, when Bethesda announced the online aspect of 76 at E3, it was quite a surprise for a lot of gamers.

The game has been out for nearly two years now.  It’s had its love, and it’s had its hate (predominantly due to the numerous bugs the series launched with and still struggles with to this day).  But what about the social aspect?  Is traversing the Wastelands with others as fun as it sounds?  Let’s take a look:

Getting Started

Upon loading up Fallout 76, you’d be forgiven for thinking you were playing a single-player game.  You’re the final inhabitant of Vault 76 and need to leave before the air runs out of the vault.  In what can best be described as the tutorial, gamers pick up the supplies they need and determine the skills of their character.  Whether you want to be agile, charismatic, or just lucky, this is the time to mold who you are going to play as.  Once you leave the vault, your multiplayer adventure begins.

Multiplayer Isn’t Overwhelming

Unlike other multiplayer games, Bethesda has taken steps to keep the Wastelands as true to the single-player experience as possible.  Rather than having thousands of players on one server, you’ll be added to a map with 23 others.

So, you can, technically, play for a few hours without seeing anyone else, but where’s the fun in that?  If you click to see the map, you can see where the other players are located, and also where they’ve made their camp too – hint, you’ll be asked to make your own in one of the earliest quests too.  You can then head round for a cup of muttfruit juice – or just make use of their weapon stations; who’s judging?

While there are some trolls playing Fallout 76, the small number of people per server ensures that they don’t ruin your experience.  You’re more likely to come across friendly wastelanders who want to help you.  A lot of the veteran players will actually drop loot for new players, so it is a nice game in that respect.

Finding People to Game With

Traversing the Wastelands with friends is a lot of fun!  Not only do you get to do quests together, but there’s something so memorable and share-worthy in taking down a Deathclaw or a Mirelurk Queen as part of a team.  If your real-life friends want to play too, you can simply join a server together and then set up as a team.

For those who don’t have any friends who game, you have options.  Websites like True Achievements are great places to create gaming sessions with other players, and those who want to look for love amidst this harsh radioactive reality can join sites like Gamer Dating.  Forego those awkward first dates in a coffee shop or a restaurant, and head on a quest to find the Overseer instead!  If the date goes well, you can invite your partner back to your camp, cook them a bloodbug steak, pop open a Nuka Cola, and then relax in bed together.

Although we do still love the previous editions to the series, there really is something unique about surviving in the radioactive wastes with a friend – and scavenging in the blast zones!

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