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Intel HD Graphics 620









  • Supports 4K Video Playback
  • Low Power Consumption
  • High-End Games like GTA 5 and COD Modern Warfare can be played on 720p or low settings


  • Struggles with Latest released games like Battlefield 5 and Hitman 2
  • Not suitable for professional gamers
  • Not good for High-End Video Editing

Intel HD Graphics 620 is an integrated graphics component that is mainly found in low voltage processors. This GPU was widely used in the 7th Gen Intel Core Kaby Lake series laptops back in 2016. It is now used in Core i7-7500U, Corei7-7600U, Core i5-7200U, Corei5-7300U, and Corei3-7100U CPU.

You probably are here reading this because you are planning to buy a new laptop that should have this processor and you want to check how powerful the kit is. So if you want to know about Intel HD Graphics 620 Benchmark and performance, then you are at the right place.

Recommended laptops with this GPU:

Intel HD Graphics 620 Gameplay Benchmarks

When Intel HD 620 is combined with the 7th Gen i5-77200U, then it becomes so powerful that it supports almost every popular game. In a greater perspective, 620 is a low-end graphics solution that is capable of rendering popular games at low settings.

League of Legends1920×1080 pixels75
Dota 21280-by-720 pixels80-60
1920×1080 pixels25 – 35
Counter Strike GO1280×720 pixels65-55
1920×1080 pixels45
Call of Duty Advance Warfare720p30 – 60
GTA 5720p20-25
Skyrim1280×720 pixels60
1920×1080 pixels40-45

Performance of Intel HD 620

The performance of any integrated GPU depends on various factors like;

  • Cache
  • Maximum Clock Rate
  • Memory Configuration (DDR3/DDR4)

Since Intel 620 GPU is already integrated into laptops, it is thought to be underpowered as compared to discrete GPUs.

Well, this is not the case in reality.

Only some high-end latest game struggle on HD620 like FIFA 19, however, it supports all others including some popular ones. If we compare HD620 with discrete GPUs, then it will fall with GeForce 910M and 920M from Nvidia. It is of no comparison with those $500+ graphic cards like *RTX 2080 and RTX 2080* Ti.

Obviously, you just can’t compare a product that launched back in August 2016 with the latest ones.

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Intel HD Graphics 620 for Gaming

As we witnessed in the benchmarks, this GPU can play most of the in-demand games in high definition resolution (1920×1080). The gaming laptop performance of the Intel 620 GPU has been improved over the generation. Since this is an integrated GPU, this performance is appreciable.

For casual gaming Intel 620 is the best bet, but if you have bucks to spend on GeForce 940MX, then we will recommend you to go with it.

Download Intel HD Graphics 620 Driver

Stop complaining about the Intel 620 Drivers. You can download the latest drivers of this GPU from Intel’s official website. Just make sure to keep the driver updated to yield maximum performance out of it. This is because new updates fix up most of the bugs and bring in new enhancements to level up their graphic game.

Intel HD Graphics 620 Specs

NameIntel HD Graphics 620
TypeIntegrated GPU
Base Frequency300 MHz
Max Frequency1.00 GHz
Processing Power384 – 403.2 GFLOPS
Graphics MemoryUp To 32GB (Depends on System’s RAM)
Memory TypeSame as System Memory
DirectX Version12
Max No. Of Displays Supported3
4K SupportYes at 60Hz

Intel® HD Graphics 620 is manufactured using a 14nanometer FinFET process. It is a stock GPU in Intel Kaby Lake series. It supports 4K video playback at 60Hz with a base frequency of 300 MHz which can reach 1.00 at its max. It supports DirectX 12 with a processing power of 384 to 403.2 GFLOPS. This integrated GPU supports 3 displays simultaneously which means you can connect 2 external monitors.

We have gone through the benchmark, gaming, performance, and specifications of the Intel HD Graphics 620. We feel glad to state that Intel has improved the performance of the Kaby Lake Series GPUs. Though there are still some high demand games that are still not playable on the Intel 620 GPU, it is the best bet for casual gamers.

If you are looking for a laptop which has an integrated GPU and is powered by Intel’s 7th Generation, then you should go with this option.

If you are planning to spend some heavy bucks on your laptop, then buy a laptop that has a dedicated GPU like Nvidia 940MX or GeForce MX150. One good MX150 notebook that we can recommend is the Acer Aspire 5 A515-51G.

If you are willing to build your own PC then it is best to go with AMD RX 550 or Nvidia GT1030 under the same budget as of buying a laptop.

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