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Another year and another fight between Sony, Microsoft, and Nintendo for the gaming console. As compared to the previous year, 2018 did not bring any new iteration to the PS4, Switch or Xbox. However, this does not mean that these platforms are not looking for your attention. On its second year on the market, the Switch carried momentum, Microsoft started getting developers, and PS4 had some of the most dazzling exclusives. Save for the Switch; we are currently getting close to the end of the console generation. However, the final stretch could hint at the future success of each company and how each one of them faired in 2018.

Microsoft vs Nintendo vs SonyMicrosoft

By providing services that make playing Xbox easier, Microsoft has taken almost the opposite approach to Sony’s. As one of Microsoft’s best moves, this generation backward mobility continued to evolve and offer gamers the best way to play their old games as well as many of the other free titles on offer with Gold. The Game Pass is through the standout service in 2018 and what Microsoft has been pushing for.

Since it is reasonably priced and easy to use it enables you to test the games that you are not sure of and would have never bought. In addition to opening up your gaming catalog, you can also jump into the likes of Sea of Thieves and Forza Horizon at no additional charge. Apart from the acquisition of Obsidian, Microsoft also revealed the Adaptive Controller in 2018 to help improve the enjoyment of disabled gamers.


With exclusive games, there is no doubt that Sony led the gaming industry last year. For instance, in April they launched the God of War which is an excellent open world action game with quite surprising acts. Also, with Kristo’s Altes adventure, Sony Santa Monica really outdid itself. A month later, Detroit: Become Human, an adventure game that told a futuristic story about humans and androids arrived. Although it was not as good as God of War, it still got some great reviews. More so, in September, there was the Marvel’s Spiderman which was not only ridiculously satisfying but also fresh wonderful. Although Sony had a remarkable year, they did not give us reasons to be excited about 2019. They backed out of E3 2019 and canceled PlayStation experience 2018.


After the Switch’s impressive Launch in 2017, 2018 was definitely going to be a year in which Nintendo had to keep the fans interested and happy. When it comes to games, they had a mix of exclusive releases, tentpole and a barrage of Indies. However, the game that kept many fans happy and the highlight for many was the arrival of Super Smash Bros. Ultimate in December. That was not only the biggest but also the most varied game that was basically going to be a hit. Where Nintendo disappointed their fans, though, was their online services. While it’s still new and requires some improvement, its quality is still lower than their rival system’s online services.

So which one was the winner?

Throughout 2018, Sony, Nintendo, and Microsoft each treated gamers differently. While the game lineup was big and had some notable highlights, Nintendo’s year was more about consolidation after the launch. Microsoft and Sony, therefore, generally handled gamers well although in different ways.

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