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The average cost of entering an escape room is $30. For that kind of money, you want to emerge from the room successfully as a victor. 

But, winning is not always as easy as it sounds. You only have an hour to solve several puzzles. It takes focus, skill, and coordination to beat the clock.

Before you start your breakout room quest, it is important to prepare yourself and your team members.

Whether this is your first time or you visit escape rooms often, follow these expert tips of increasing your success rate.

Breakout Room

Know the Rules

Most escape rooms have similar rules and work the same way with slight differences.

There are standard rules like do not damage the room or use excessive force while looking for clues. Clues are meant to be found, so if something’s taking too much effort, it’s probably not correct. 

You will have the chance to ask for one of more hints during the game, so know how to ask and how many you get.

Look at the locations web site for specific guidelines before you go.

Choose a Strong Team

You can’t solve all the puzzles by yourself. The only way to know how to win an escape room is with the help of an enthusiastic team. 

Make sure you pick team members who work well together and that want to be there. Don’t force someone to play who is not willing to help out. 

Also, decide who will be the leader. This person will gather all the clues and assess the team’s progress. They may take notes and keep track of what has already been searched.

Divide and Conquer

The best escape room strategies involve searching as much space in as little time as possible. 

Divide your team into pairs and assign parts of the room. This will avoid repetitive searching. But, if one team can’t find anything, you can rotate or switch areas to get a fresh perspective. 

As your team searches, make a discarded pile so that everyone knows what has been vetted. 

Announce Your Findings

Each clue in the room is connected. So, one clue might help your team search for another clue. 

Scream out your findings so that everyone can hear you. Repeat it again in case someone might have missed it. 

Don’t just shout out clues you find. If you notice something in the room that was hidden like a black light on the ceiling. You may need to turn out the lights to find a hidden clue on the ceiling. Let people know before you make the room dark.

Know Where to Look

Use these escape room tips to know what to ignore and what to search thoroughly. 


  • Inside light fixtures
  • Power Outlets
  • Electrical boxes
  • Ceiling tiles
  • Price tags or serial numbers on products


  • Inside books
  • Pockets of clothing
  • Behind doors
  • Under drawers
  • Tops of shelves
  • Secret compartments on furniture or floors

It’s important to scan the room from top to bottom to make sure you don’t miss anything. Take in the big picture as well as the tiny details.

Celebrating Your Breakout Room Victory

When you escape from your breakout room for the first time you should congratulate yourself and your team. Many places take a winning picture of you exiting the room to keep as a survivor. 

For more ways to have fun and improve your skills check out the gaming section of our blog. 

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