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MMORPGs combine the best elements of the game-playing world: role-playing, the online charade of players, and the gameplay/story itself. Whether it be a simple yet enchanting 2D, side-scrolling MMORPGs or a completely developed, customizable, high-end graphics game, one feature that locks it in gamers’ hearts is the ever-expanding universe with features and plots that grab your attention and keep you coming back. 

MMORPGs give you complete control over appearance, race, and sex to their profession and skills. You are much more involved in building the character that you strongly identify with and want to see win. With character progression, you level up your character by completing a quest, fighting a villain, or simply collecting rewards and improving strength, skills, or other unique attributes. 

The game upgrades keep you busy and occupied, and the open world is always there to welcome you with challenges, quests, and rewards. 

Here is the list of 7 MMORPGs for beginners and their level up

2d, side-scrolling MMORPGs: 


1. Maplestory: Maplestory is the world where you complete quests and fight monsters. It is a retro feat that is reminiscent but better as you can play with multiple players and mold your own characters. One of the most popular MMORPGs, the play is by no means a bore: NEXON has designed 40 unique classes of warriors, magicians, pirates, assassins, mages and samurais, and even legendary heroes.

Each of the classes has unique characteristics that keep it interesting, and the continuous upgrades expand the ever-growing open world. Go for jump quests or mob killing quests or fight monsters and bosses. Team up to tackle the task of dungeons and raids. If you get stuck, you always have the Maplestory training guide to help you up. 

2. Dungeon fighter online: with a minor storyline that appears at the beginning and the end of the quests, the game is enjoyable with and without the dialog boxes. Your characters level up, and that’s where the fun begins; you can connect with others and share the experience of the classic beat ’em up action combined with the MMORPG platform online.

You can up your base class, equip basic skills, earn gear, money, and good stuff by leveling up at each stage. Now the game says dungeon, but the gameplay takes you through the lands of mystical kingdom Arad and into the dungeons outside the town space.

3. La tale: similar to Maplestory, but with different graphics, la tale offers Three types of Guilds: Order, Chaos, and Neutral and Four starting classes: Warrior, Explorer, Wizard, and Knight. It allows more free work; for example, Players can open personal shops; each class can choose between two possible advanced classes at level 80 and many fashion items. Another additional aspect of a tale is that it provides an interesting arena-based PvP system. 

Below are top 4 open world MMORPGs:


4. Black desert online: released in over 150 countries and available in 12+ languages, the black desert has won the best MMORPG game of 2020. With its cutting-edge graphics and open-world action, black desert brings to you western fantasy aesthetics combined with a fluid combat system. It provides a fully developed character customization that allows the players to break the routine roles and impart their own unique personalities.

Active combat refers to the manual aiming and actively dodging the attacks; you can trade and invest, hire workers, and parkour around. It can get tricky with combat, trade, and diplomacy, and you might want to hold on to a guide for help. 

5. World of Warcraft: Blizzard Entertainment’s Entertainment’s World of Warcraft is the most popular game online for 10 years and counting. In this world, where death comes often, and you have to be quick to navigate and be prepared for any kind of challenges, you are aided by your wits and players worldwide.

The combat is clean, simple, and well explained; it’s the quests, raids, guilds, groups, and coalitions that made the game a raging success. With an influencing backstory and Blizzard’sBlizzard’s direct networking capabilities, WOW challenges you in every way possible. You can play the end-game raids, PvP action: battlegrounds, arenas, or unpredictable open world. You can craft your own equipment by farming and killing the in-game creatures and/or finding your own. 

6. Guild Wars2: Guild War2 remains the top on the list as the creators studied every online game, pulled out the flaws, and fixed them to form an action-oriented world and has a complex play. The play varies from a small-scale invasion of mini-quests to a large multi-tiered map meta to slay the huge world boss. You can either play it light-heartedly sor involve in gameplays that are PvP, PvE, WvW.

Within this, you are required to work on: Jumping puzzles, Adventures, Dungeons, Fractals, raids, dynamic events, world boss fights/map meta events, personal story, living world, hearts, achievements, mount races. Your character can dodge and roll, use weapon-specific abilities, and rides come with utilities, for example, the Rapton with an upgradable leap and the Griffon that glides soars and dives. It is free to play with charges only for expansions. 

7. Warframe: Teeno is steadily climbing the charts, and Warframe is on its way to gain the fame it rightly deserves. It tells the story of The surviving ancient warrior race entrusted with saving the solar system from adversaries. Tenno possesses the knowledge to maneuver the Warframes that are the armor suits that can be changed, unlocked, and bought on the game. Each Warframe has its own unique abilities and incredible special attacks. You will be assigned tasks to seek out enemies, kill and complete challenges like killing all the enemies to extract this NPC to capture this intelligence to kill this boss. 


The plots may be fantasyland or military grounds, but they allow you to choose the character that sets you for doom or victory. 

Simply download, connect and play. Happy gaming!

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