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Good things usually never go out and the same is the case with fax and yahoo mail. A few people may believe that things like fax and yahoo mail are a relic of the past times. Not at all, at that point, there are individuals like you people and us who are enamored with both of these and comprehend their worth.

And for the fax loving people, it will definitely sound great that we have put forward a great way which blends fax and yahoo email to produce something wonderfully effective. Through this way, you will be able to transfer as well as receive faxes via yahoo email just as you send and get regular emails.

It might, at first, sound like something impossible to achieve but the progressing technologies and skilled experts have not just made it all possible but have proposed it to us, fax loving people, in the best ways possible.

How is Faxing from Yahoo done

Transferring faxes to and from Yahoo mail is in fact a piece of cake when you gain full proficiency(which you will have by the end of this read). For the most part, Yahoo mail doesn’t give fax benefits as a matter of course. However, it is entirely conceivable and extremely simple to send and get fax through Yahoo mail.

On the off chance that you are learned about faxes, it must be difficult for you to accept this unique feature. Email customers work on a digital forum and faxes work through electric lines(analog signals). At that point by what means can email send fax?

Indeed, they can’t. Right this is the place where an intermediary fax service becomes possibly the most important factor. So as to send or get faxes through Yahoo mail, you would have to enlist with these third party fax service providers.

Try not to stress as we have not one but three solutions for all your faxing needs. Presently you can send and get faxes however much you might want. You can throw the bulky hardware like fax machines and telephone lines out as they won’t be needed anywhere in faxing now.

In this way, right away, let us find out about the way toward sending and accepting faxes through Yahoo mail.

1: CocoFax – A Goodbye to the Bulky Fax Machines

The most well-known online fax service is, without any doubt, CocoFax. With CocoFax, you can send fax from yahoo mail on the go. Moreover, it lets you do this from and to any place in the world. Not just that, you can get your faxes 24/7 without the requirement for a fax machine.

This is the reason it has gained much love and admirability from people all over the planet and has built an empire including millions of users. Also, international media brands like TechRadar, Forbes, and Toms Guide have reviewed it nicely.

There are no hard prerequisites for sending or getting fax through Yahoo mail utilizing CocoFax. You don’t need to put resources into any equipment like a fax machine, paper, toner, ink, and so on.

Further, with CocoFax for Yahoo mail, you would now be able to fax in a hurry. Whether you are at home, office or strolling in the park, you can fax from any place as CocoFax provides its services on almost all the devices including laptops, mobile phones, computers and many more.

Guide for Faxing via Yahoo Mail using CocoFax

As I mentioned earlier, faxing from Yahoo mail is just a walk in the park when you get to know it completely. Click here to go on GoogleFaxFree for more detailed guidance. Although there is no complicated procedure you must follow the below mentioned simple steps to start using CocoFax right away.


Sending Faxes

Step 1: To start with Yahoo mail faxing, you first need to be a CocoFax account holder. This is not something to worry about. You can have a CocoFax account within minutes. Just head to their official site and select the ’30 day free trial’ option to have a full free month of faxing services.


Step 2: Additionally, you also get to have a free fax number with CocoFax. What is great is that you choose this free fax number yourself. Yes, you can have a fax number of your own liking. This way it is convenient for you to use it.

fax solution 

Go to your yahoo mail address and compose a new mail. Then you need to fill in all the details. Write the fax address, containing the fax number, of the recipient in the ‘To’ field. It will look like this ‘’.

If you want to add something at the top of your fax document, you can do so by adding the ‘Subject’ in the email. Moreover, you can add text on the first page of the fax document by filling in the email body.

Step 3: When you have finalized everything, attach the relative documents and send the mail. CocoFax will do its job as a translator and convert your email into a fax. Furthermore, a notification message will be sent both on your yahoo mail id and your online CocoFax dashboard.

Receiving Faxes

CocoFax does all the work in receiving faxes, you just have to access them. All the faxes sent on your fax number first go to CocoFax which then converts them into email because you cannot directly receive faxes on yahoo mail. Hence, after the conversion, the email-converted fax is directed to your yahoo mail id.

There you can access all your faxes just like you access your regular emails, that is through the inbox tab.

2: MaxEmail

Here is another fax service provider that allows you to fax through your email effectively. You can send and receive faxes on the go. MaxEmail is one of the best fax specialists that provide quality services.

MaxEmail has made a name for itself. It is one of the main fax service providers in the market. it provides unique faxing features at quite reasonable charges. Although it cannot reach CocoFax in its client base, it is used by many people all around.

3: RingCentral

RingCentral is one of the top fax service providers that offer services to fax from Yahoo mail. RingCentral has some of the best market presence with thousands of customers utilizing its unique services all around the planet.

It provides faxing facilities in the best way possible. Also, it has a good and cooperative customer support team that allows the clients’ queries to be solved in a well and efficient way.


You can try out the other two services but you will not get a diversity of services here as is offered by CocoFax.

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