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Recent studies have shown that one-third of all consumers’ decision making is based on the packaging of the product.

In addition to this, a study done by Microsoft shows the average attention span is only eight seconds, which is less than a goldfish.

These studies highlight the importance that packaging has when it comes to consumers’ decision making.

The packaging is an immensely important part of any business’s marketing strategy.  Keep reading this guide to understand the importance of packaging for these seven reasons.

  1. Serves a Function

Many people look at packaging as a way to market to your audience, which is entirely true. But packaging serves another function as well – protecting the product.

Depending on the type of product that is being discussed, the physical packaging could be just as important as the product itself. For example, electronics are always packaged very tightly to avoid unnecessary movement that could lead to breaking or cracking one of the components.

If you have ever bought a new TV, you know the package serves a one-time use. The television is packed in a way that makes it nearly impossible for the components inside to move around.

Most manufacturers these days provide innovative ways of packaging that reduce pressure on the screens to ensure no cracks happen in the delivery or supply chain processes.

Packaging not only protects the product during the supply chain process but also while the product is on display in the store or warehouse. Companies are now pushing to learn about packaging design and how it can directly benefit them.

  1. Attracting Consumers

Companies are using innovative approaches to packaging in hopes of gaining market share and attracting new consumers.

Studies have shown colors have a major effect on consumers’ mood and behavior. In modern society, we even use colors to describe our mood and feelings.

People typically say they are “feeling blue” when they are depressed, and “seeing red” when they are angry.  So, when consumers see certain colors, it can trigger certain emotions and affect their decision making.

Red – Is the longest wavelength and encourages feeling strong and powerful. Red can also stimulate negative feelings of aggression and anger. Physically it has been known to raise blood pressure.

Yellow – Many people have reported feeling happy and joyful when exposed to the color yellow. Yellow is associated with the sun and is a sign of hope.

Green – Is considered a grounding or calming color. It encourages feelings of harmony and peace. Green is associated with the earth and the environment.

Blue – Is considered the color of intellect. It encourages a calming effect and is associated with the sky and the ocean. Opposite of red, it can help lower blood pressure when people are looking at the color.

Companies have invested large amounts of time and money researching what color schemes are attractive and will “catch the eye” of the consumer.

The color is not the only thing on the packaging that can attract consumers. The design is also very important when considering the product’s packaging. It is important to keep in mind some extreme designs can deter consumers away.

  1. Promotions

Another reason packaging is key when attracting consumers is the promotions that package can offer.

When deciding on a product, many consumers will go with a cheaper brand or a brand that is offering a promotion. One of the many benefits of having additional packaging for a product is the ability to promote coupons or cashback rebates.

When a consumer sees a coupon on the package of a product that has many competitors, they are more likely to go with the one they are receiving a discount on.

  1. Purchasing Decisions

Some people when deciding on a product to choose within the same product category have certain needs that should be addressed. Some of the major food allergens that are being addressed on packages include:

  • Milk
  • Egg
  • Fish
  • Crustacean Shellfish
  • Tree Nuts
  • Wheat
  • Peanuts
  • And Soybeans

Some consumers will go with the product with fewer food allergens trying to make a health-conscious decision.

  1. Differentiation

Most products in this day in age will have competitors in the same product category. This stresses the importance of having a package that will separate you from the competitors and make you stand out from the crowd.

There are hundreds of thousands of products displayed in some stores, and the increasing trend of online shopping has made it essential for your product design to grab consumer’s attention.

  1. Brand Recognition

Brand recognition is an important part of any business’s marketing strategy (or should be).  Brand recognition is one of the most effective ways of generating repeat customers and creating brand loyalty.

There are numerous examples of how effective brand recognition can be in growing and sustaining a business. Look at Apple, for example, as they have such a loyal consumer base that every time they release a new iPhone, whether consumers need an upgrade or not, millions of consumers are willing to pay hundreds of dollars to upgrade.

Another great example of brand recognition is with Harley Davidson. They have been marketing content for years that have been about issues bigger than themselves. Some have even credited Harley Davidson with being one of the founders of social branding.

  1. Ecological Factors

According to a study conducted by McKinsey & Company, 87 percent of consumers that participated were concerned about the environment and social impacts of the products they buy.

According to another global study, 61 percent of consumers said corporations should be leading the way and taking care of the climate change issue that we are presented with today.

This data shows a promising trend that consumers are becoming more concerned with topics that may affect them in ways other than finances.

For More on The Importance of Packaging

You can see why so many companies are dedicating so many resources to packaging design. It can be the difference between becoming a global empire like Apple or a company nobody has ever heard of.

If you would like more information on the importance of packaging, check out our blog!

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