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So, you’ve got a thought that you have to create an explainer video for your company to explain your product’s benefits to people just in 60-90 seconds but now feel stuck thinking about selecting a studio to fulfill this job? Feel free to read our useful tips, and look for more successful hints on how to choose the right explainer video studio.

Maybe the steps seem obvious for you but you need to understand what you need. In our article, you will read effective hints on picking a trustworthy explainer video agency to satisfy your needs and meet your expectations.

Here are the main factors to find a studio that fits your project:

  1. Search for a qualified expert. Creating explainer videos is a specialized task that requires a professional. Needless to say, many companies make a big mistake when they delegate this job to their SEO or SMM teams. Of course, the best decision is to look for an experienced agency that will offer all the possible solutions for your custom project. A good decision is to create an animated explainer video by finding the most qualified studio in the business sphere.
  2. Check out the agency’s competence. Different companies may have various levels of experience in different spheres. For example, you can find a company that creates stunning animated explainers, but when it comes to live-action videos, it may be more difficult for it to complete. Try to check the studio’s level of expertise before you start cooperation. You can read feedback from clients to see if people are satisfied with their work and what kind of videos they have ordered.
  3. Check out if they can fulfill your task on time. You may need a series of videos created within a deadline, so please make sure the chosen studio has enough people to complete your order without delays. If you need a large explainer video, clarify if the company can do it for you quickly before you start collaboration. Pay attention that a smaller agency may not be able to complete your project on time.
  4. Find a company oriented for a result. When you are searching for an agency, please remember why you need to make an explainer video. When you’re discussing the project with a potential company for cooperation, note that the main goal of your whole project is to get successful results in your business. It’s quite important that both you and the agency understand this and be focused on this goal. And how to define if the chosen company is goal-oriented? Follow these hints:
    How much is the company oriented to get results on the business project?
    Can they demonstrate situations when the explainer video impacted the clients significantly and increase sales, conversions, etc.?
  5. Pay attention to terms. You need to make sure the agency has a clear plan for your project. Sometimes, companies don’t include revisions in their contract. Just ask them what isn’t included in their contract. Please clarify the things below before you sign the paper:
    How many revisions are included, and how much does the extra revision cost?
    Does the agency include costs on illustrations, music, and other elements of your project?
    Are project files included in the final sum?
  6. Look at the company’s credibility. Check online reviews from users on well-trusted sites. You can also ask the agency about their past clients to reach them and find out if the cooperation was fruitful. A good thing is to see how the company is active on social media. This can give you honest opinions, reviews, and feedback from real clients.
  7. Clarify how the company works. As a client, you can ask the company to let you see the project at each stage of its creation. Usually, the production of a standard explainer video takes around 6-8 weeks. Of course, if the agency says they don’t provide clients with this data, it’s a bad sign. Remember you don’t need to find a company that works at the same hour like you, but don’t forget to discuss when it’s suitable to hold meetings.
  8. Review the samples of work. Before you start a collaboration, ask the company to see the examples of their job. Here are several things you should remember when reviewing the studio’s portfolio:
  • Of course, you don’t have to be a professional in the design, but you should see if the items have a decent level of production quality. If you have no experience in valuing design work, ask someone from your group to do it.
  • Cross-check examples of the portfolio. It means if you find a video for some company in the studio’s portfolio, search for the same on YouTube or Vimeo. If you see many copies of the same video from various authors, this is a red flag about the agency.

Needless to say, searching for the right studio is quite important to make a successful project. Creating an explainer video is a great investment that can improve your business and take it to a new level. Follow our tips to research work samples and select the most suitable and trustworthy company to work on your project.

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