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Technology is moving forward and the number of peoples that have been pushed along with it is also increasing. In a small country like Singapore, the smart home market worth $89m. What about the global market? It worth more than $14 billion in 2017. So, you can predict what will the market be like now?

What is this smart home that everyone is spending money on? It is home automation where every electronic appliance is connected to the network to allow the user to control them through a mobile phone or other devices that are on the same network. There are pros and cons for this, in this post, I will educate you on the advantages and disadvantages of a smart home.

Advantages of Smart Home

Smart home gives you the ease to control all your appliances on your mobile or relevant devices. You will need to download the application on your device and connect to the network to gain control. Some appliance will require you to be on the same wireless network while others allow you to have access throughout. So, what are the smart electronic appliances available in the market now?

  • Smart Television

Television is connected to your house network and you can easily control what to be displayed on your television screen from the tv channel to display a video you found online all through your mobile phone.

  • Smart Speaker

Like to listen to music but do not like to look for the controller or walk to the speaker? Now, with Google home, you can actually use voice command and it can play the music you want. You just have to start by saying “Hey Google!” There are other smart speakers too.

  • Security Camera (CCTV)

The traditional CCTV can be accessed when you are around it. But with technology CCTV are able to be view and controlled through your phone. This is called remote access. When you are not at home, you can still control and view the recording of your CCTV from your phone as long as you have internet access. Some CCTV has a more advanced technology to it which will also send an alarm when it detects an intruder or any other which the software is programmed for.

  • Smart Door Access

Always miss out on friends when they deliver things to your place or delivery man when you are not at home? With Smart door access you could speak to and even see the person outside your place. This allows you to give instruction to the person outside your place. The smart door access does not have the traditional keyhole but it is integrated with biometric that require a card, pin or fingerprint to unlock the door. Some Smart Door Access allows you to unlock the door anywhere in the world as long you have internet access.

  • Smart Light

There are smart lights now a day where you can control the light through your phone. Smart light can be connected to your WIFI so everything is controlled through your phone. Turning on the light in the morning without leaving your bed, turning on the light before you reach home or even turning off the light on your phone if you forget to off it when you are out.

  • Smart Plug

You can control the device connected to the smart plug. You can on the table lamp while lazing on your sofa, on the fan before you are home or any other thing. You do not need to be at home as a smart plug allows you to control them through the internet.

  • Smart Thermostat

Smart Thermostat will help you adjust your house/room temperature by linking to the air-conditioner and heater at home. You just have to adjust the temperature you want on the smart device and it will do the work for you.

As you see, all this device allows you to control most of your device from your phone. You can forget about looking for a controller all over your house anymore. There are disadvantages to this too.

Disadvantages of Smart Home

With all the devices connected to the network, without a proper firewall or anti-virus on the network your device is prone to be hacked. As you want to follow the trend you have to take out the necessary action to secure it too.

Spyware can spy on all the actions you do every day. A burglar can look at your trend and choose a proper time to break into your house. So, are you ready to take the risk? There are many other pieces of information which hacker can gain access to since everything is linked to the network. Imagine a hacker can unlock your door without triggering the alarm. What can he do next?

Facebook can be hacked so is your network. Don’t give the hacker a chance to spy on you, or gain access to your network. It will bring the security of your house near to 0.


The smart home is getting more popular. Following the trend is a good thing but following it and did not keep it secured will allow others to spy on everything you do at home. It will not be recommended. Before you plan to get any smart device, ensure your network is secured first.

Allena Dominus

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