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B2BWoo is a cloud-managed B2B eCommerce solution on the WooCommerce platform. Aimed at making the B2B experience smart, B2BWoo comes with various business-specific features that help you succeed in the digital world. 

B2B eCommerce is a trillion-dollar industry, home to many businesses and sub-industries. The industry projections are expected to rise further in the next few years. 

The stakes involved in B2B, its tools of the trade, and user-experiences vary differently from the consumer-facing B2C. To facilitate such requirements, the platform of choice must be fine-tuned to the specificities of B2B. 

B2BWoo, developed by Codup, ensures that you get all the necessary B2B features while being on the WooCommerce platform. The various bundles allow you to either integrate individual features on your store or create an enterprise-level B2B store. 

In this review, we’ll be discussing the features, functionalities, and bundles associated with B2BWoo. But before that, we need to lay down some groundwork regarding the platform. 

What is B2BWoo?

Creating an eCommerce store is relatively easy nowadays. WooCommerce is a powerful platform that helps you create an aesthetically designed and highly-responsive eCommerce store on WordPress. 

But while its features are indeed powerful, WooCommerce lacks the necessary features to facilitate B2B purchases. It’s more B2C-facing and has been historically used for such purposes. 

B2BWoo helps integrate those granular B2B features by introducing functionalities like dynamic pricing, custom catalogs, request for quote, and other features. It’s a platform truly built for B2B eCommerce. 

Now, let’s look at the many features that this plugin provides. 

Wholesale Management: 

The platform allows you to create customized prices. You can hide or show prices at a category, global, and product-level. With this feature, you can also allow customers to request samples, show them discount messages, create product variation tables, set minimum and maximum product ordering caps, and product specification sheets that they can download. 

Customized pricing is the major pillar of B2B eCommerce. B2BWoo’s wholesale management gives you significant leverage in terms of setting and displaying prices at different levels. 

If you purchase this feature through the basic plan, you will get the Wholesale Product Page Customizer plugin by to gain those functionalities. 

Catalog Management Tools 

B2BWoo’s catalog management tools allow you to manage your B2B catalogs efficiently. It does so by allowing you to show or hide products based on a variety of different factors. 

You can show or hide products based on individual customers, geolocation, pricing-tiers of previous orders, user-roles, and other customer groups. Additionally, you can even hide products if the user is not logged in. 

If you purchase this feature through the basic plan, you will get Catalog Visibility for WooCommerce

Corporate Account Management

B2C purchases are straightforward in that a single customer is involved in purchasing a product. B2B, however, involves buyer groups in your store that are involved in decision-making regarding a purchase.
With multiple such groups available, it gets hard to manage each individual buyer group. With B2BWoo’s corporate account management functionalities, you can manage multiple buyer groups on your store and allow them to simulate their official hierarchy on your eCommerce store. They can set specific roles and set permissions against specific users and what they’re allowed to purchase. 

If you purchase this feature through the basic plan, you will get Roles and Permissions for WooCommerce

Quick Ordering 

This feature of B2BWoo is perhaps the most powerful in terms of its ease-of-use and functionality. With it, you can introduce a quick ordering page on your store where your regular customers can simply order their frequently purchased products directly from the tab as opposed to going to each individual product page. 

Integrating it in your store is simple. All you have to do is activate the functionality on your B2B store and just paste a shortcode on a new page. Once that’s done, you have a ready-made quick ordering page at your behest. 

If you purchase this feature through the basic plan, you will get Quick Order for WooCommerce

Product Tables:

If you want to customize the quick ordering functionality mentioned above, you can use the Product Tables functionality on B2BWoo.With it, you can create a customized quick order table. The only difference between the Quick Order and Product Tables is that Product Tables isn’t plug and play. You can add additional functionalities within the plugin like: 

  • Allowing your users to upload a CSV file of their products 
  • Form segmentation based on categories and types 
  • Request for quote tab with each product listing. 

If you purchase this feature through the basic plan, you will get the Product Tables for WooCommerce plugin. 

Request for Quote 

B2B purchases are complex and require revisions in pricing before a customer can proceed to purchase. This is highly different from B2C purchases where you can purchase products directly as you would from a shelf in a traditional store. 

B2BWoo adds a powerful feature to your store by integrating a Request for Quote functionality that lets customers request quotations from the product owner over the pricing of a product. It works by replacing the “Add to Cart” button with a Request Quote button (both of them can be used at the same time as well). With it, you can communicate with your customer and negotiate over a price until the purchase is complete. 

If you purchase this feature through the basic plan, you will get B2B eCommerce for WooCommerce


B2BWoo comes in a variety of different bundles, each one varying in the level of functionality they provide your store. The platform is rather flexible and provides you with different plans: 

  • Basic Plan: With this plan, you can purchase individual functionalities as WooCommerce plugins. For example, if you just want the quick ordering functionality on your store, you can purchase Quick Order for WooCommerce as an individual product. 
  • Mid-Level Plan: With this plan, you get B2BWoo and all its associated features in its entirety. 
  • Premium Plan: With this plan, you not only get B2BWoo in its entirety, but you also get efficient customer support, a managed hosting solution, as well as multiple integrations with CRM and ERP. 

B2BWoo is a powerful plugin indeed and its functionalities are one that you should consider regardless of the type of B2B store you’re trying to run.

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