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Though vaping is rather a new popular culture, not everyone knows about its peculiarities. This article is about to reveal the basic notions about vaping devices that a person needs to know in order to safely and reasonable use of vaping devices. The questions that are to be answered include:

  • What does it mean to be a vaper?
  • How to choose your first vape?
  • What are the constituents of a vaping device?
  • How to choose the best vape tank?
  • Are there any communities where you can share the experience of vaping?
  • Is it illegal to use vape?

To answer all these and many other questions, we need to get some information about the activity itself.

Tip #1. What is vape itself?

The first attempts to create a vaping device were made about a century ago. However, the majority considers the birth date of a vape to be the 80s of the previous century. All in all, there exist four generations of vaping devices.

The first generation was designed to prevent people from the harmful effects of smoking. The creator thought that it would help to get rid of all the negative effects that people get from lighting their cigarettes. Vape devices were supposed to solve the issue of lung problems and death from nicotine consuming. It was designed as a usual cigarette and was meant to be used instead of a cigarette for some period before you can totally refuse to put something into your mouth and inhaling the substances it produces. The idea was that without burning you get no harmful tars and other dangerous elements peculiar to the cigarette smoke.

The second generation was aimed more at developing the functions of the device. People wanted to increase their wattage and voltage, and to enable the vape pen not to need charging for a longer period. This was the time when the vape tanks (original site) or a clearomisers became of common use.

The third generation is famous for looking for new modes and designs. That was the time when vapes became something more than just a device for inhaling a flavor or other substances. They became a part of your everyday look and it does not mind whether you look used a cig-a-like variation of vape, a vape pen, a vape mode, or a pod-based vape. The devices became not only more powerful in terms of battery size and the options of wattage and voltage setting; they have also enter rented into the world of fashion.

The fourth generation is about not on the convenience but also the properties that might be useful for humanity in general. Most of the vapes of this generation are made either from stainless steel or glass. They contain very little plastic. The other peculiar feature is that they contain special sub-ohm tanks and allow the vaper to control the temperature of the device. Fourth-generation also has the best vape tank for flavor. Because of the bigger power, they might use more liquid, and thus they need thanks that would be able to contain more flavored liquid.

Tip # 2. Experience is the best teacher

To choose the vape that would be not only stylish, but also functional and reliable, it is better to google the real people’s comments on the models, or, which is the best option, to look through the constituents and characteristics of vapes that already exist on the market. After understanding your needs, just google the parameters for each of the constituents and their reviews (“the best vape tank 2019”, “top nondangerous flavors”, “vape batteries that would never explode”, etc.)

For sure, you made doubt that the articles on the internet and the reviews are real. That is why there is a secret tip for finding the real experience of real people. Nowadays the IT industry is everywhere as you know and vaping is not an exception. The existing number of mobile applications for both iOS and Android that can provide you with all the relevant information from the first hands. This our kind of social network developed especially for those who vape. Vapers can share their own experiences, ask for advice, or look for friends who will support them in their new hobby. In such applications, you can find everything from the post on the most fashionable vapes to detailed vaping tank reviews.

Joining such a community is not only the way to get more information about the substances that you might inhale, their influence on your health, the best devices to choose, etc, but also it is a feeling of being involved. When your family and friends do not show your preferences, it is always important to find the people that have the same use as you do. Luckily, the internet helps us to have such communities.

Tip 3. Do not forget about the law

Vaping itself is not against the law in the USA. Although there are some countries, vaping is strictly frowned upon by the government. They include Thailand, India, Brazil, Singapore, Mexico, Cambridge, Japan, China, and more. Nevertheless, you should always check before you go in a certain country, because, talking about Japan, for example, they have banned liquid nicotine. This means that you can theoretically vape the liquids that contain no nicotine.

Talking about the United States, it is important to mention that vaping is not banned as such, but you cannot vape marijuana, for instance, in all the states. In addition, even in the states, where cannabis is allowed, you can do it without the medical prescription. There are plenty of details that vaping depends on. This is not only on the factual act of vaping but also on the additional circumstances. They include the substance that you consume (you cannot vape marijuana in Europe), the device you use (some of the old versions are banned because of being explosive), or the place where you do it (you cannot vape in a restaurant in some countries).

Before you start doing something, always check whether it is ok for the environment that you find yourself in. This would ease your life and help to avoid stupid situations.

Tip #4. Consume responsibly

It is not a secret that vaping is harmful to your health. The negative effects of vaping include diseases of respiratory, cardiovascular, immune systems. There are also some risks of vape explosion, or of getting intoxicated with a vape flavor. All the risks are written in-depth on the Internet and before starting vaping, you have to read through them to make a reasonable decision. If you have decided to face the possible risks and to become a vaper, you have not only to choose the vape mod, but also to make a decision on the liquid, flavor, nicotine level, etc.

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