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The information has always been a valuable currency. In today’s world, we have the convenience to be able to easily store and access information. Considering the fact that there are many business models that are based on gathering and selling information, it isn’t surprising that businesses are placing such a premium on managing and protecting their information.

If you are a business owner, you have probably asked yourself at least once if there is an easy way to manage information and how safe cloud systems are in terms of privacy. There sure is!

Here, at Onehub, we offer safe, secure, and easy-to-use online file sharing. Our cloud based document storage service comes with tons of convenient features. You can get more details about our online file sharing systems following this link. In this blog post, we’ll cover the general benefits of using any cloud-based system.

#1. Savings on Equipment Costs

The obvious benefit of cloud document systems is the same as that of all other digital technologies and namely, taking away the need for physical solutions. Think about it, all in-house management systems require upfront investments.

For example, electronic systems require investing in servers, external memory, wireless connections, etc. As for the traditional management systems, they require tons of paper, printers, cabinets, and stationery.

Let’s not forget that you need to maintain those document management systems. This applies to both the electronic and traditional ones. Using a cloud-based system eliminates the initial investment cost.

The experts from Filecenter will help you to get a solution for managing documents.

#2. Expeditious Deployment

This point is especially valuable to start-ups when compared to other businesses. Most start-ups suffer from lacking a comfortable work area to function properly. Imagine setting an up in-house document management system in your old garage. Also, the physical lack of space is not the only thing that may slow you down as you need to establish reliable management protocols as well.

As for using a cloud-based system, as soon as you choose your plan and register your company, you are good to go.

#3. Better Security

A cloud-based system provides better security than traditional document management systems for two reasons:

  1. Eliminates the risk of natural disasters.
  2. Offers elaborate encryption algorithms and firewalls.

Sounds good enough? Well, we’re not even finished. User-based deliberate risks can also be managed through a variety of features, such as control access and audit training. A cloud based document storage system allows companies to limit permissions for specific documents and folders for specific users, preventing exposure of sensitive information.

#4. Improve Productivity

This is, without any doubt, one of the biggest benefits of cloud-based systems. We have already covered the fact that those systems save businesses money. This way, they can allocate resources on other activities, which naturally leads to more productivity. However, they also improve productivity by saving time (we have also covered this one).

And one more thing… They also increase the speed of collaboration between users by making their workflow more efficient and results-oriented.

#5. Environment-Friendly

It’s a good thing that there more and more ECO campaigns and companies are reducing the use of plastic cups, straws, etc. Well, switching to a cloud-based system is definitely a great contribution to the environment.

We, at Onehub, have huge equipment capacity which we distribute among multiple clients. This reduces the overall energy requirements of hardware and also the cooling needs each unit requires. As for paper, it should be pretty clear how digital files reduce the needless use of paper.

#6. Reduce IT Support Dependence

Whether you are part of a big corporate business with an entire floor dedicated to the IT team or you just have a few people responsible for your in-house computers, servers, Internet connection, protocol management, etc., there were surely times where you could not work due to IT issues and strictly depended on your in-house team to continue further work.

By using a third-party, cloud-based management system, you will never have to involve your  IT team in things such as hardware maintenance, software updates, network management, user monitoring, licensing requirements, and even backup creation.

So, is your business ready to bring things to the next level? Whether you are part of a start-up or looking for an effective way to reduce costs and improve productivity, switching to a cloud-based management system is definitely the right thing to do. If you are interested in our services, feel free to get in touch with us today!

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