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When it comes to planning the perfect family vacation, there is nothing more crucial than the choice of hotel. Even the most perfect of paradises can be tainted with a bad hotel experience.

Staying in a sketchy part of town, dirty and dingy accommodations, lackluster amenities, and overspending can all cast a sour note on an otherwise great vacation. Thanks to the internet, vacationers can choose from literally thousands of options no matter their destination.

Sifting through those options can be daunting and challenging at best. At worst, it’s painful enough to cancel the trip. In addition, no one would fault you.

However, those don’t have to be the only choices when finding the perfect vacation hotel or rental. Keep reading to discover how to find the best hotel for your family vacation, and make your vacation the experience of a lifetime.


Now is a good time to choose where you want to spend your vacation. Assuming you already have chosen a destination, you’ll need to choose a location for your living accommodations.

Some hotels and rentals will be better located than others will. Beachfront versus Mountain View, for example. Moreover, that will come down to personal preference.

You should also think about transportation. How close to shops, beaches, and other tourist attractions is the hotel? Does the hotel or rental provide transportation? Or is everything close enough that you’ll be able to walk?

Choosing the right location for your living accommodations is just as important as choosing the hotel or rental itself.


To be fair, the place you choose to stay in a while on vacation is probably going to be no more than a place to lay your head while you sleep. However, it does help when the décor and ambiance match and complement the natural beauty of the locale.

When vacationing in Maui, it wouldn’t feel quite right to have Maui beachfront rentals that were decked out in colors and furniture that mimics a New York City loft. When it comes to beachfront properties, most people envision many windows to allow the sea breeze in as well as to be able to provide a view of the ocean.

As much as you can, find pictures of the rooms and the properties that you’re looking at to make sure you pick a place you’ll enjoy staying in, even if for only a few hours.


While on vacation, you might not think you should worry about amenities. After all, there are dozens of touristy things to do right? Well, it depends on your choice of vacation destinations.

While you might think vacationing on a secluded island with nothing to do but swim and lay on the beach is the best idea ever, you might be in for a surprise. What are you going to do when it rains, and you can’t go outside, or you just get bored of the beach? It happens.

This is where hotel amenities become important. More and more hotels, motels, and rental properties are offering amenities like pools and hot tubs. When vacationing in Hawaii, you’ll even find Maui beachfront rentals offering everything from pools and hot tubs to BBQs and even movie rooms.

Ideally, you won’t be spending all that much time in the hotel, but it’s nice knowing you can be entertained should you be unable to enjoy the outdoors.


The final thing to consider is price. When it comes to taking your family on the perfect vacation, the expenses shouldn’t be a factor. But this isn’t a perfect world, and budgets exist for a reason.

Comparing prices between different hotels and even rooms will keep you from overspending. While some rooms are certainly worth $5,000 a night, others are only worth a couple of hundred.

Don’t pay $5,000 a night for a room or place when the average cost is $2,000 cheaper.

Family Vacation Rentals

When it comes to taking your family on vacation, you want everything to go perfectly. In addition, nothing can ruin a vacation quicker than choosing the wrong place to stay.

Location, price, décor, and amenities are all important factors to consider when choosing a hotel. While ideally, the hotel is a place to rest your head while you sleep, you can’t go wrong with having every aspect of your paradise vacation absolutely perfect.

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