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Musicians often spend thousands of dollars on fancy musical instruments. Some can afford them, but some give up on their dreams. If you’re one of them who is saving the day and night to buy one fancy instrument, then you’ve landed at the right place. 

In the world of music, Virtual musical instruments have become a vital part of the industry. These computer-based music production instruments are much more accessible, ubiquitous, and richer. 

The music industry nowadays is dependent on science & technology. Musicians now prefer to use this new-fangled technology to produce tracks.

Sooner or later, we believe virtual instruments will conquer the music production space because of their flexibility. They take up significantly less space or no space and much easier to use. 

Adding more to that, they’re not expensive; most of them are free of cost, which is simply amazing. Virtual musical instruments are best for those who’ve just started their musical career. 

To help the digital-native musicians, we have gathered up the best and most popular virtual instruments you can quickly try online.

Top Virtual Musical Instruments you should check out today.

RAV Vast-Virtual Handpan

RAV Vast sweeps every other brand of the music production industry when it comes to physical or virtual instruments. They offer an optimal range of drums that are outclassed in nature. 

If you visit their website, you’ll be able to try the virtual player that was initially created to help musicians to try out different and particular tunes, and they can also check if the note combination is suitable for them. 

Around 18 virtual RAV handpans are virtually available, which can be played and tested before purchasing them. 

Some of them are A Integral, A Marmara, B Arabian Night, B Celtic Double Ding, B Celtic Minor, D major, E Low Pygmy, B Rus, G Minor Pentatonic, Pan F Pygmy, B Kurd, BOnolo and many more.

Virtual Piano

The name signifies it is a virtual piano. If compared to other virtual piano options, this one is vibrant. You can do a lot using this virtual instrument. You can record whatever you play on it, use the built-in music sheets, and change the piano styles. For further assistance, hit the ‘Key Assist On’ button, and you’ll get access to keyboard shortcuts.

Button Beats

ButtonBeats is a popularly known virtual musical instrument site among emerging musicians. It has an array of instruments, including drums, guitars, cubes, and mixers. The impressive thing about this is that it helps produce some amazing dubstep with the help of some brilliant tools.

Visit the homepage and select the virtual instrument you wish to play. Use your keyboard controls or mouse and shake it up.

If you wish to record your music sessions, use the recording feature, which can be found on the main menu.

Virtual Drumming

If you’re a drum freak and digital musician, then this is the site you need to check out. It has various options like Drum Machine, Drum Games, and Drum Lesson as well. If you’re a newbie and you’re looking for a virtual platform to learn to drum, then this is the perfect palace for you. 

This website offers impressive drum lessons from beginner to expert level. FL Studio is another well-known music production software that allows you to record drum loops. Similarly, Virtual Drumming will enable you to record the played drum loops easily. 

Unlike other virtual instruments, the interface is pretty daunting and well-organized, making it easier for drummers to play and learn.

Virtual Keyboard

Even though this isn’t an advanced and professional virtual instrument, you can use it to make some noise. You can use it to make tunes integrating the effects of various instruments. Instruments available are piano, flute, guitar, organ, saxophone, and pan pipes.



Apart from the mentioned above, you may find an array of virtual instruments available online. Every instrument offers distinctive options. If you are tech-savvy musicians, then evaluate them to find out if they can fulfill your needs. 

We recommend you also check out and try our recommendation. We assure you that you will have a delightful experience. 

Always remember to produce great music; you need great talent, not expensive instruments.

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