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Breguet Reine de Naples is the first-ever timepiece manufactured by the brand, it reflects a uniquely feminine touch and was designed for the Queen Of Naples.

When it comes to a timepiece for the women, it has to be slim and smart, that what this timepiece represents.

Many variants of the original Reine de Naples were seen in the robust collection of Breguet Watches. The manufacturing of this timepiece is done by following the aesthethic codes of elegance and using precious material. The creativity of embedding technicalities with a slim royalistic timepeice featuring contemporary feminine look is just awesome.

When the Queen gave the order to manufacture a timepeice, it was a challenge for the brand to design a timepiece prior in design and technicalities, at that day brand decide to introduce the world with the first wristwatch by Breguet and it is where the brand’s journey started in the watchmaking industry.

Let’s see how Breguet made it possible to make a slim prestigious piece of art.

Reine de Naples, A timepiece for the Queen of Naples

In the book of Breguet, It can be seen how the brand made it possible to acquire a top position in the list of top-rated Swiss manufacturers all over the globe. Reine de Naples is the timepiece from where the brand had its first step in the industry of luxury watchmaking.

The beautiful Queen of Naples, one of the famous figures at that time. She placed the order for timepieces that is, in fact, optimal in quality and precision.

This timepiece was so much encouraged at that time due to its engaging features and technical complications. It got popular within a short timeline.

After that many variations of this range were seen with changes in color, style, and material.

Let’s have a look at some of the models in this edition


An advanced version of Reine de Naples 8928BB/8D/844.DD0D is improved by utilizing master watchmaking skills. 18k of white gold is what featured in this timepiece for a more luxurious look and durability.

This diamond-studded model has such a royalistic appearance and is made for high caliber personalities. Following the traditional touch of accuracy, this timepiece is also based on high-quality caliber 586.

The silver-toned dial with studded diamonds on the bezel ring and also on the internal dial is such a premium version in this list. 211 quality Wesselton diamonds are paved over the dial.

Technical features

●     Dial:

Following the traditional Reine de Naples, it has a stretched and small hour marker region on the bottom, and the space left on the top is filled with diamonds. All the diamonds are nicely paved into the timepeice and advance fine-tuned within the timepiece.

●     Movements:

The movements are based on highly precise caliber 586 consists of 29 jewels. It features 38 hours of power reserve with a self-winding mechanism. So, that the timepiece keeps shinning over your wrist and lasts longer than the expectations.

It is one of the few calibers that contains such a precisional and durability rate.

●     Case:

White Gold is a precious material used in this case as it names implies the Reine de Naples. While the sapphire crystal is featured over the dial for anti reflexive property and also for longlasting durability rate.

It can withstand water-resistant levels up to 3 ATM as officially featured. The Gold Plated Dial when equipped with a case of White gold, overall timepiece expresses a rich yet elegant look. It seems that you are wearing something valuable over your wrist and get your confidence level boosted.

●     Bracelet:

The Stain-Brushed bracelet in black just looks fascinating over this timepeice and gives a feeling of prestigious piece. The overall timepeice is so much detailed and precisely designed that can suit any dress code and beat any other luxury watch.

Reine de Naples is just a precious piece by the Breguet and is encouraged worldwide.

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