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Your bedroom is a sanctuary where you’re supposed to think clearly and can relax. It’s important to keep your bedroom visually appealing and functional so you can move around freely. Whether you want to revamp your space or someone looking for initial bedroom ideas, there are several ways to improve your bedroom.

Instead of piling everything inside your room, why not stick to a theme and invest in some bedroom storage solutions? In this article, we will feature some practical steps on how to create your space even better! 

Stick to a theme

Gone are the days where you maintain a bedroom just for the sake of it. For some people, their bedroom reflects their way of life. That’s why some likes to stick to a room theme to keep everything harmonious. A decorated room can ease up your anxiety and can be your creative outlet. Some famous room themes are Scandinavian, rustic, modern, and boho. There’s certainly more out there and you can even combine two themes together to make your room more unique. 

When it comes to interior design, bedroom furniture can make or break the overall aesthetic. You can pick out furniture that can also double as room decor or can act as an accent. We suggest that you decide on a theme before you settle and buy your furniture.

Maximize the space you have

When revamping your room, it is best to reflect on the things that you usually do in your bedroom. Does your room also double as a craft room? Do you do your work in your bed? Maybe you might want to create a special space inside your bedroom where you can work on your other activities.

If your bedroom is not spacious to incorporate a workspace, there are bedroom storage ideas that you can work around with. For example, you can invest in a loft bed frame. A loft bed frame is basically an elevated nook. On top of the frame, that’s where you’re supposed to put your mattress. Underneath it should be enough space that you can turn into a workspace, a closet, or a hangout area. There are a few other loft bed ideas that you can incorporate into your own room, depending on your theme. 

Think about the lighting of your bedroom

One thing that some people tend to overlook is the lighting in their room. The truth is, the type of lighting you have in your room can affect your productivity or the overall ambiance of the room. There are generally three types of lighting that you can work with for your bedroom.

The first type is for ambiance. It is said to be the foundation or the main basis before you work the other lighting elements. Usually, these are ceiling lights, chandelier lights, floor lamps, and more. The second type is task lighting. From the name itself, these are lightings that are supposed to help you focus and induce productivity. They are typically brighter than the ambiance lights. Lastly, accent lights are more on completing the room’s overall aesthetics. It typically gives a spotlight to things you want to pop inside your room, like an artwork. Some examples of accent lights are fairy lights and soft lamps. 

Create a special nook in your room

Aside from your bedroom, as much as possible, you should have a place where you can think and breathe peacefully. Usually, this is when nooks come into the picture. A nook is a special spot where you can read a book silently, listen to music, or paint something. There are different types of nooks like the reading nook, bar nook, makeup nook, or the office nook. You can create one according to what you need the most. 

A nice bedroom storage bench should be a good start in setting up your nook. Put a bench against an empty corner, then the empty space automatically becomes useful. A storage bench allows you to store a lot of your hobby materials. From your paintings to books, a nice storage bench has you covered. 

Store vertically 

If you don’t want all your stuff to be slumped on the floor, it’s time to store them vertically. To this, you have to invest on shelves and wall-mounted storage solutions. If you want to save a few square feet of floor space, vertical storage is your friend. You can choose from shelves, pegboards, hanging fabric storage, ledgers, rods, racks, and more! There are a lot of vertical storage solutions to choose from! 

Your bedroom doesn’t have to be boring

Nobody wants to go home only to be welcomed with a cluttered and unpleasant bedroom. Why not freshen and revive your bedroom using the tips listed in this article. 

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