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Shipping a car from state to state or a foreign destination can be a challenging task. You initially need to look for a reputable auto carrier to entrust your vehicle. Examine precisely how much does it cost to ship a car so you can set aside the right budget for the transaction.

It is also essential to look for the best date to book the transportation to let you prepare your schedule for the entire process. Aside from your payment and cooperation, your chosen auto carrier also expects you to provide them with several documents for the safety of your vehicle and their company.

Here is a list of all the required papers that you need to submit for both interstate and international auto transportation.

Documents To Submit To The Auto Carrier

When you ship your car interstate through an auto transportation service provider, you need to submit several relevant documents to the company to serve as your evidence that the car is yours. If the shipping happens within the borders of the US, you need to present the following to your car transportation company:

  • Original Title And Registration – This document will serve as your proof that you own the vehicle. If your car is under a financial scheme or if you leased it, you must also submit evidence that comes from the bank or the financier that authorizes the shipment.
  • Car Insurance – You need to make sure that your vehicle insurance is up to date since the auto carrier will not accept it if the insurance period already lapses.
  • Photo Identification – Your auto carrier needs to keep a record of your identity. You can either submit a valid passport or a valid driver’s license that comes from your country or state of origin.
  • Back-up Documents – If the registration of the vehicle is not under your name, or if you are only authorized by the legal owner to do the transaction on their behalf, you must also submit a notarized letter. It will serve as your proof that you are legally allowed to ship the car to another destination. The letter must indicate the legal owner’s name and the vehicle identification number (VIN), so the auto carrier will accept it.

Documents To Submit For Overseas Shipping

Transporting your vehicle to another country requires some of the documents that you need to submit to your auto carrier. But you also need to prepare other legal papers to let the authorities in the other country allow your vehicle to leave the port. Some of these documents include:

  • Certificate of Title – It will let the receiving country to accept a leased or financed car, as long as you will provide them three copies of this document that has a certification from the bank or financial institution where you applied for the lease.
  • State Sale Tax Document – You must show proof that you already settled the necessary tax collected in the state where the sales of the vehicle took place.
  • Import Duty Receipt – Since you will import the car to another country, you must settle the tax collected from your country of origin and your receiving country before you transport the vehicle. You need to allocate a part of your budget for this. So always make sure that you ask your auto carrier about the estimated amount that you need to pay for the tax as soon as you ask them. If you still wonder, how much does it cost to ship a car, add this import duty as well.
  • Power of Attorney – If you are not the car owner or if you own the car, but you will not be the one who will make the transaction with the auto carrier, you need to submit an original copy of the POA for the transaction.

All these documents are essential when shipping your car to a different location. It will also prove that the vehicle that they will transport is not a hot car.. If you did not present these documents, it would be difficult for you to carry it in another state or bring it to another country.

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