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We keep discussing a lot about Google algorithms, analytics, and updates with fascinating names such as Penguin, Hummingbird, and Panda. However, Google may be the primary focus while optimizing for SEO, it is certainly not the only player operating in the SEO world. We know that if you cater to Google search, you gain exposure to the majority of the online traffic; however, you are placed in a highly challenging and overcrowded space where you would encounter stiff competition and stiffer requirements.

As per, building a top-level search engine such as Google is quite an overwhelming task and would be needing years of investment in terms of resources and people. Bing has been a great undertaking, as far as, Microsoft is concerned. However, it still cannot match Google in terms of market share and quality.

But you simply cannot lose your chances of capturing traffic from alternative sources like Bing. You must learn ways to effectively chalk out your local SEO stratagems for the Bing audience so that you could have easy access to an all-new source of web visitors. We know that Bing fuels not just its own searches. It also, powers Yahoo and the combined force represents 10.4 percent of the market share in the United States. It may appear to be quite insignificant; however, it involves millions of search queries. Here are some effective tips for optimizing your website for Bing.

Consider Using Bing Places

Bing Places is supposed to be a version of Google My Business presented by Microsoft. The objective remains the same- delivering the top local search results. An effective way adopted by Bing is to reward websites that are known to feature all details relating to their location. Another major difference the Bing algorithm would be considering social signals even from third-party sources such as Facebook for the purpose of local rakings. There is a possibility that your business has already been listed automatically. In such a situation, you could claim the business to be yours. You may make some alterations whenever necessary.

If you cannot find a listing, you could add your business to Bing. You simply need to go through a procedure. First of all, go for verification. Bing Places would be sending you a specific authorization code for getting you verified hence, nobody could make any unauthorized modifications to your precise business listings. You could be verified through text messages, email, telephone call or post. Post verification, Bing would automatically publish your business.

Focus on Adding Images

Bing places a lot of importance to high-quality and high-resolution images and they are fabulous from the perspective of a user. Pictures speak volumes about your business. You could use photos of your work or premises. Keep in mind that pictures are all about encouraging prospective clients and leaving a lasting impression on their minds so that they click through straightaway to your website.

Concentrate on Getting Reviews

You need to treat online reviews as a digital currency. In this digital era, everybody would be checking out a customer review online before making the final purchase. You must always encourage and motivate customers to leave a genuine review of the product or service and the overall experience. It is best to stay away from succumbing to the inclination to create or buy fake reviews. One hundred or more 5-star reviews with no faults or errors seem pretty suspicious.

Not so perfect or not so favorable customer review would raise the credibility and authenticity of your business. Moreover, it could prove to be a wonderful feedback source for your business. This helps you in identifying issues that were unknown to you so far. You would be getting an opportunity to fix the issues. You may get in touch with for professional guidance.

Be Keen on Using Social Media

The Bing algorithm is known to include social signals for judging the content quality that would be impacting rankings. You must ensure that you are having a robust social presence. Twitter and Facebook are advantageous for almost everybody. You must be on all those social media platforms where others from your field of work are present.

For instance, Pinterest and Instagram may prove to be simply marvelous for an interior designer and a wedding planner but it could prove to be simply a sheer waste of time, as far as, a personal injury lawyer is considered. You must try and aim for a boost in social shares only then you could hope for a higher ranking on Bing. Remember to stay away from buying likes or followers. It is best not to outsource your social platform. For social media to perform smoothly, it requires an authentic voice that only a stakeholder or business owner could provide.

Use Traditional On-Page Optimization Techniques

The Bing algorithm seems to be widely regarded as less chic and sophisticated in comparison to Google’s algorithms. A Bing algorithm would be depending relatively more on matching or complementary keywords to query. Bing would find a place in the top few of the SERP rankings. Things could become slightly tricky and dicey. By optimizing your site for Bing, you could end up hurting your Google SERPs simply due to the algorithmic differences. This is chiefly the reason why Bing is not so popular and is quite often ignored.

Treat Categories & Tags as Crucial

Categories and tags would make your website more optimized and discoverable to people who seem to be precise with their specific search terms. If your site is known to use WordPress CMS, you could easily incorporate categories and tags to all your web pages not only the blog posts. Moreover, in the section dedicated to tags on your WordPress site, you have the liberty of incorporating a brief and compact description of all your pages individually. Remember that would be the most effective place to insert your primary local specific keyword.

Speeding up Your Site Is the Key

Your page loading time would be having an intense impact on the UX of your site. Consider utilizing the effective Bing Webmaster Tools for examining your site’s loading time. Moreover, if your site is not so fast, you could track options on ways to boost it like compressing images, using less JavaScript, and minifying CSS.


Google and bing are known to be working in different ways, a few challenges are involved in optimizing your site for Bing. Hence, follow the above tips and maintain a delicate balance.

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