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Get access to the best free map maker and create powerful and intuitive maps with wide-ranging suites of tools for visualizing, analyzing, and customizing.  If you don’t know what is the best free map maker and features an ideal mapping software consists of, you at the right spot. Here you will learn about the ranges of tools and features available with the best mapping software.

Tools found in an ideal mapping software

With the wide assortment of tools found in a good to choose and use map creator, you are free to come up with an intuitive and powerful map. Read about the tools here below-

1- Group markers through colors

Color-code the map markers with just a click of a button. Mechanically sort the markers in the categories based upon the columns there in the statistics.  

2- Manifold variable grouping

A powerful free map maker provides users the control that is needed for the customization of the maps. Group markers are based upon the manifold data variables. Enthusiastically fine-tune the size, color, and more of the marker for creating a visually convincing map that tells a chronicle.

3-     Filter tool

Filter the data by using many different options of filter inclusive of the following- number ranges, categories, dates, and so on. See the most applicable statistics on your map.

4-     Drivetime polygon tool

Create a polygon-based upon drive time in minutes and hours to observe how many locations you can visit how long you can drive to a particular time frame.

5-     Radius map tool

Hit on the location or fill in the address to add a precise radius in the region of the map objects.  Then hit on the radius for exporting all locations insider the circle.

6- Polygon territory tool

Outline the custom sales territories based upon the data. Once the provinces are defined, you can access the important details and customer profiles for every sales region.

7- Geological border region tool

Draw visual borders based upon the predefined region such as states, cities, districts, zip code, and many more. Besides, you can create border fills to color-code every region based upon the marker density, your numeric statistic, or demographic information.

8- Census mapping tool

The mapping software pulls population data from the census to bolster the ma. Additionally to your information, you can see population age, density, median household income, education, race, and many more without uploading additional anything.

9- Heat mapping tool

A map creator heat maps plot the density of the markers or statistical data density for some of the most excellent-looking maps around. Examine sales density, population density, and so on.

10- Distance calculation tool

Evaluate the distance between more and more locations with just a punch of a button. Use the uploaded data points or input the addresses in real-time.

11- Multi-stop route planner

Map out the efficient route between manifold locations. Optimize the routes with more and more locations and add up many routes to the stops you want. Drag and drop the stops on the routes for the customization of the driving trail and observe the directions within the tool.

12- Location finder

Use the location finder for getting the list of distances from the present location or the other designated address to all the plotted locations on the map. The tool can be used for building the store locator maps.

Google maps reliability

The best free map maker on Google maps astral mapping abilities that means you have worldwide exposure, world-class tools, and matchless performance to the mapping technology from Google.

–         Google street view-

Free map maker leverage the Google maps platform for bringing instant access to powerful Google map features such as Google street view. Influence the power of the street view for getting the on-the-ground understanding of the location.

–         Satellite image mapping software-

Create powerful and beautiful maps through Google’s unparalleled satellite imagery.

–         Google geographic search-

When you use a good free map maker for creating a custom map, you will get the entrance to the exactitude level Google geographic search so that you can recognize the accurate location.

Map customization

Modify and shape the map in mapping software to meet the matchless needs of the organization or business. Additionally, make presentation-ready maps that translate the crucial information in the convincing data image.

–         Fully customizable maps-

Modify and tag markers for the distinctive needs of a business or an organization. Pick up from the library of markers or you may upload your pictures for creating custom branded markers. Modify the based map appearance to a range of choices inclusive of satellite views, black and white maps, and so on.

–         Turn by turn navigation-

Obtain straightforward turn-by-turn directions straightforwardly in the free map maker or you can email the Google map link with the path to the Smartphone.

–         Upload the custom markers and pictures-

Upload the custom pictures and slot in those through the map. Make the map your own with the store location photos or logos or manager photos and so on.

–         Set map positions and zoom the levels-

Save particular views and zoom levels on the map. Use this feature for coming up with many versions of the maps whether they are for continual examination or sharing.

Sharing capabilities-

Privately you can share the map and publish it to the web publicly. Also, you can embed it within a webpage or blog through simple HTML coding.

–         Custom presentation maps-

Use the tools and setting for configuring how the map is presented once it is prepared to be shared with the others. Export the map picture file for use in PPTs.

–         One-click map sharing-

Share the map in just one click. Furthermore, with password protection, you can ensure that the right people get access to the statistics. Also, you can publish the map publicly and let any individual see it.


So, those are the tools and features that are found in an ideal Free map maker that you can have access to.

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