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In 2019, at least 50% of employers were seeking to fill an astounding 6.6 million job openings. Among these openings includes executive-level positions for hiring high-level candidates.

Executive positions are notoriously more difficult to fill or take more time than entry- or mid-level positions. Executive candidates have been in the workforce longer. They’re more interested in negotiating and finding a company that fills their needs.

Searching for new executives means fighting through competition and a crowded job market. To improve your hires, read up on this year’s best executive hiring tips.

Use Creative Hiring Tools

Large job boards like Indeed and LinkedIn may not be able to fill your needs. While it can still be helpful to post on these sites, you’ll probably get a large influx of unqualified candidates.

Instead of relying on old methods, turn to creative tools that can help promote your executive career options. This may mean using niche job boards, working with head hunters and attending industry events.

The best employees may already have jobs, in which case you need to meet them halfway. Prove why a position with your company would be more beneficial.

Represent Your Brand at Each Step

When you’re hiring an executive or hiring a CEO, the entire application and interview process is very two-sided. You’ll still need to sufficiently vet them for their experience and capabilities, but they’ll be doing the same with your company.

Show your candidates why your company deserves their attention. Represent your brand at each step of the hiring process. Before you even begin hiring, your brand should be present in every aspect of the business. Highlight your brand on your website and social media. Make sure it’s prevalent in your internal communications, job postings, and even your payroll services.

Train Your Recruitment Team

If your brand is in place online and in your processes, it also needs to be in place with your recruitment team. Your recruitment team needs to be fully trained to conduct successful interviews. They also need to understand how to best represent the company.

Make sure your recruitment team knows how to check candidates’ personalities and if they’ll learn quickly. This should be just as important as their experience and background. Your recruitment team should be some of the most professional employees in your company. They’ll understand your processes from the top down.

Follow our Easy Executive Hiring Tips

Filling your high-level positions may take time and patience. You’ll have higher levels of success by following our executive hiring tips.

Get creative with your hiring and more proactive in finding the right candidates. When you’ve got their interest, make sure your brand is highlighted at every step of the process. If you follow the steps and communicate them to a highly trained recruitment team, you’ll fill your position in no time.

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