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The Daytona Version is not something that comes in the list of the affordable price range, but it is something that is better than its price point. This timepiece has an overall sporty look with enhanced functionality. Rolex Chronometer is embedded within its dial which makes it a part of the High-end Chronograph Family. 

This timepiece is specially designed for those who are in fact the speed lovers also referred to as “ A wristwatch designed for Racing “. It overcomes all other sports watches in this range and has a better mechanism maintaining the standards of brand in making always High-Quality Timepieces. 

This timepiece was of the choice of Paul Newman which in fact the cause of its popularity. Daytona doubtlessly an iconic timepiece in the list of high-end Swiss watches. 

How much for an entry Level Daytona?

If you are planning to buy it, you must have at least 15,000 USD budget to buy classic stainless steel with an in-house high-quality caliber timepiece of this series. The price range goes up to millions of dollars and Paul Newman’s version of Daytona is one of the most expensive Rolex timepieces ever existed and costs 18 million dollars.

This timepiece is one of the most exclusive and optimal Rolex watches and was the cause of the popularity of this series of high-quality sports watches.

You can also find pre-owned versions of these timepieces in a lower price range. The 2016 version of Daytona can be found in 21,000 dollars approximately in much good condition with everything working. 

These timepieces are expensive but worth the money and are only for those who really know the worth of these watches and have a sense of buying. It is just a wise investment and more than of its price value the timepiece reflects the value of a person wearing it.

Is Daytona Cosmograph a good watch?

In this series of the Rolex timepiece, the Cosmograph basically an optimal version with its unique characteristics. In terms of technological factors, these watches are identical. This timepiece is basically developed for those who have a passion for racing as Paul Newman had it.

This Cosmograph is also considered to be a Watch born for Racing, but it doesn’t mean you can’t take it to a business meeting, you can and it will really shine on your wrist.

This timepiece was manufactured right after the historical race event took place in Daytona sponsored by Rolex. It was one of the famous racetracks in the car-racing history and this timepiece is named after it which overall expresses the secret of this timepiece to be a racing watch.

50 Years Of Success

It has enjoyed a success rate of more than 50 years and still is known to be a timepiece of optimal quality and mind-boggling design. The ultimate tachymetric scale has engraved indexes and three different counters make it an exclusive timepiece for racers. The chronometers help the drivers to calculate the elapsed time and all are Rolex in-house manufactured for optimal quality and accuracy rate. The tachymeter bezel is made of scratch-proof alloy and featured speed based on elapsed time so the drivers will be updated with the current elapsed time rate while which helps them reach the destination in time.

The chronograph is activated with a pusher that makes it instant soul work with the pusher and can easily be reset. The pusher has the ability to instantly trigger to start or stop it which makes it ahead of the car speed.

The caliber 4130 ensures the precisional rate of this timepiece keeps this wristwatch shinning on your wrist and also features 72 hours of reserve time.

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