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After surviving the deadly pandemic, finally, New Year arrived with new opportunities. If you’re a small business owner, 2021 will be the best year to grow your business. Make the New Year resolution to dominate the whole market. Here are the top 5 resolutions that you can take this year, which will boost the growth of your business. So without wasting a minute, let’s go through the article.

Brand Building Is Crucial Says Eric Dalius

Building a brand is the most crucial step to grow a business. You can create a brand by providing the correct service at a low cost and completing the needs of people. Diversify your income and establish multiple branches of your business so that the growth gets a 2x boost.

Create a brand image that will make your products desirable. Utilize the logo, a specific brand color, slogan, and influencer marketing to leave a mark on the consumers’ psyche.

Instagram Insights

According to Eric Dalius, Instagram has the maximum potential for a company’s growth as it provides the highest reach. Hence you can make an Instagram page of your brand and post content regarding your business. According to Forbes, Instagram has the potential to engage the audience effectively and can turn it into business as well. Therefore, using Instagram for your business can be beneficial. And you can even use Instagram insights to measure how people are reacting and which of your content people like the most.

Performance Dashboard

Now we’ve understood that the work-from-home model can run a business effectively. Hence, at this moment, managing the team becomes a bit difficult. Therefore, as per the present scenario, the performance dashboard can help you to manage your team effectively.


Reviews play an essential role in the growth of any company. As your business grows, people will start giving reviews, and those reviews will help you attract and retain your customers by building a good reputation. But at the same time, your competitors may begin to publish fake reviews. Therefore, if you can’t stop these fake reviews at the right time, it’ll cause a massive loss for your business. Hence, always remove counterfeit reviews and try to build genuine ones only.

Personal Goals

You’ve started your business to enjoy your life. Why not you spend your time completing your personal desires and travel with friends and family members? So if you want to enjoy your life while doing great in business, then you’ve to make a balance. If you can’t make a balance at the correct time, then it’ll destroy your personal life and can harm your business as well. So this new year, focus on building balance between your business and personal life.


Small businesses have to face many challenges in the first period, but now as you’ve completed the article, you’ve almost beaten 90% of your competitors. Now you’re fully aware of all the problems with their solutions hence you don’t have to face them anymore. In the end, it’s your turn to follow each step mentioned above in the right way.

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