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Why do you think there is a lot of buzz around Minimalism? Is it just a coincidence that there is no more clutter on the website?

Minimalism is not just a buzzword. It is an artistic approach to showcase your products on your website.

The colors, the navigation, and the transitions need to be flawless. There is a constant need to test every element in the website and eliminate everything which is adding too much noise in the overall design.

In the below article we will be exploring how minimalism can add value to the overall design and what are some of the elements that can be used to create stunning websites.

The use of White spacing

If you want to balance your website design and you can’t figure out what to do, try adding some white spacing in your design.

Adding white space is all about making the user conscious of what is important on the website. With white space, the focus will be on the content. The content will keep the users engaged and keep them scrolling further.

This is one of the core tricks of minimalism. To add a white space in the web design.

A white space will ensure that the beauty of your products is in front. The more space a website holds, the better it will be for the users to grab what is important on your website.

Bright Colors will keep them glued

Although using bright colors in minimalism is a bit tricky, it often acts as an attention-grabbing prop. Vivid background colors will capture the gaze of the user and holds their attention like any other thing.

A simple use of background colors in one of your pages can add beauty to the design & act as an attention-grabbing gimmick.

One thing that you need to focus on while using bright colors is to use them with a combination of complementary hues. A little tone-down of colors can act as a smoothing effect.

Fancy Fonts Can be Eye-Catching

Whether you’re starting out as an entrepreneur or a well-established web or logo design agency you might know the web design trends in the year 2018, and one of the top trends was using bright colors with fancy fonts.

You can be as creative as you can, but make sure that your fonts are readable and grab the attention of your users.

You can use tools like HeatMap to notice what fonts are grabbing the attention of the user and which fonts are driving them away.

Fonts create a hierarchy which tells your users what is important & helping them with the navigation. To some level, strong typography can compensate for the animations and the images.

It is necessary to note that fonts are also viewed on mobile screens which totally reflect the overall usability of your service & product. A report by Statista revealed that in-between the time period of 2009 – 2017, more than 50% of the websites created sites keeping mobile friendliness in mind. And with the emerging devices in the market, the trend will be more emerging.

Apart from all of this, in the year 2018, Google presented Mobile First Index which is giving more preference in the search results to the sites who have a cleaner and faster mobile version of the website. This means that mobile version websites are on top of the list when it comes to using the art of minimalism.

When it comes to using fonts which can create a great impact, Sans Serif wins the race. In fact, web designers are combining old and new Sans Serif fonts to create a greater impact and entice the users for impulsive buying. The reason behind is that the fonts are clean, crisp, and trendy.

The right form of navigation

Creating a minimalist vibe in your website is an art. Not every designer can put the right navigation on the website. It takes a special amount of skill to minimize the navigation.

By assessing thousands of websites we came to the conclusion that it is best to put the main menu in front and add all the sub-menus within the main menu. It is okay to put the homepage button right next to the company logo.

Apart from this, you need to highlight certain buttons and content to make it clickable. It is not okay to put a great design which is complex. If the user cannot place an order on the website without contacting your customer support, there is some problem with the design.

Quality Images can juice-up the design

The reason that there is a whole industry behind design makes it clear and also it is scientifically proven that good images crate good vibes in people. When using images it is necessary to use the same color scheme throughout your website.

Your images can reflect the brand values of your websites. They gave a clear message to your potential customers that which of the elements and values you hold for your brand.

Final Thoughts

Minimalism is not just for Entrepreneurs. If you have a business and want to sell your product, take notes from the above-mentioned elements and use the fonts, the navigation, and the images in the right manner.

Minimalism, when used in a subtle manner, can create a lasting and a memorable effect on the users.

Allena Dominus

Started the career as a Product Manager, I now reveal the ins and outs of the digital world, online privacy, IoTs, and the trends shaping the technology industry and much more.

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