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The term, flat design, refers to graphics for multiple tasks and purposes, which entail common stylistic properties. You can incorporate it in your graphic design and web design. It’s the direction which finds a diverse and broad expression/impact on digital art platforms.

You incorporate a flat design on your webpage because of its concise, compact, and minimalistic use of visual expressions and expressive pathways.

Currently, people commonly use the term as an antithesis to rich design. It takes a harmonic and conjunctional simplicity as its basic design approach.

  • The fundamental and prominent features of this design are simplicity of elements and shapes, minimalism, functionality, highly readable and bold typography, strict and clear visual hierarchy, minute attention to details, mindful application of vibrant colors and contrast to support prompt visual perception.
  • Flat designs avoid complex forms, gradients, and textures.
  • This design is a platform for applying the rules of visual balance, geometric approach, and grids.

Some compelling examples

In the world of web design, flat design is one of the latest approaches. It seeks to establish a powerful visual thrust and simplicity, and uses shapes as backgrounds and patterns. The user interface of Microsoft Metro is one such prominent and popular design.

Flat design has its offshoots, the flat icons. You can use them for your IG handle or the webpage you mention in the caption or hashtag.

  • A responsive icon is one which you use for marking responsive layouts and themes, which perfectly fit into every device.
  • The funny fact is that if you stare for more than 5 seconds at the icon, the concerned background will change. It doesn’t happen. It’s just your eyes getting that impression.
  • The calendar and night icon are also very popular. The first one is the direct result of some excellent work. The second is abstract in its form. Despite its abstract form, the total calendar icon is simply amazing.
  • Creaticons are the images of food and beverages. It’s a very compelling icon list of 72 tasty icons that come in three types of styles. These are colored, filled, and outlined variations.
  • You often these use icons to bolster your Instagram posts. The icons can draw others’ attention to your content and highlight the genre of your post.
  • After you buy 50 likes on Instagram from a reputable source, you can post your food photos with Creaticons in the caption.

Making a flat design

In a flat web design, you can even stylize and simplify complex objects. At times, you depict only the outlines or silhouettes that make the actual piece/object discernible.

Minimalism is on the upsurge nowadays. With austere forms and extensive use of sharp trims and edges, you can create a visually appealing and neat design.

Simple forms are certainly more perceptible and comprehensible. They can make a design object look clean and minimalistic, avoiding a cluttered and busy look.

When you’re using UI elements and flat icons, it’s mandatory to make them look pixel-perfect, accurate, and crisp. This is particularly essential for vector and raster graphics.

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