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Learning how to code in bootcamps is a highly effective path towards becoming a web developer. Course Report reported that 80% of bootcamp grads claim that they’ve been employed in a job requiring the skill that they’ve learned at bootcamp. Coding bootcamps are praised for increasing access to great educational experience in tech.

When you’ve made the decision to enroll in such a course, the only dilemma you might have is whether to opt for in-person coding or online coding. Both options have their positive and negative sides, so how can you decide? We’ll help you with that process by reviewing the most important aspects of in-person coding as well as online coding bootcamps. Based on that you’ll be able to recognize which option suits your needs bests. Let’s get started.

Duration and Flexibility

Whenever you are engaging in an educational activity, the time aspect is always one of the crucial components. That’s what you should consider it in this situation as well. In-person coding bootcamps and online coding bootcamps usually have different duration and flexibility.

On-site coding bootcamps take from 4 weeks to 104 weeks depending on the level, frequency, and coursework. But if you wish to compare online bootcamps with on-site ones, approximately 14 weeks of on-site coding bootcamp could be compared to 15 weeks of online bootcamp.

However, there is another time-related aspect to consider. On-site bootcamps are full-time and aren’t flexible. You are the one who will have to adapt your lifestyle to the bootcamp. On the other hand, online bootcamps provide you with flexibility. They are often part-time and you can adapt the classes based on your schedule. For students, people who have jobs, or anyone who lacks the flexibility of their lifestyle, online coding bootcamps would be a better match for sure. Unless you can take some time off to dedicate to on-site bootcamps.


Here’s an element of your tech education that could play a big role in your decision. Online courses tend to be much cheaper than on-site courses. This does make sense since online courses don’t require any additional equipment, space, and location.

According to the Course Report, the average online bootcamp in the U.S. costs $11,100, while the in-person tuition fee is $11,900. Considering that there are many more possibilities online, the costs go even lower than the stated average. In case the price isn’t an issue for you, you can easily overlook this aspect. But if you can’t afford to spend tens of thousands of dollars for a coding bootcamp, then online courses are the right choice.

What can be tricky is finding an affordable but great online coding bootcamp. That’s why you should always go for credible and trustworthy companies. With tons of positive reviews and students who have acquired jobs in some of the best tech companies, Zero to Master Academy is proof that you can get high-quality education for a reasonable price.


Coding bootcamps have become quite popular. That is why there is an in-person coding camp in most big cities. Therefore, finding an on-site bootcamp where you can learn how to become a web developer shouldn’t be hard. That is if you live in a big city. But what if you don’t?

Johnathan Sully, a teacher of computer engineering and technical writer at Subjecto shared how the location was the deciding factor for him, “I used to live in a small town and traveling to big cities wasn’t an option for me. That’s how I chose an online coding bootcamp. I didn’t regret my decision for one second as it turns out that my online bootcamp proved to be much better than the on-site bootcamp I was interested in.”

If you’re leaning towards in-person bootcamps you should first do research whether there is such an institution near you. If there isn’t, you have to consider whether you want to travel or relocate. Keep in mind the additional expenses that would add to the tuition fee cost in that case.

Location-wise, online coding bootcamps are definitely in advantage. No matter where you are, no matter what you are doing, you can enroll in a course without any trouble. You can be anywhere in the world and you can take the course you want. Simply put, you aren’t limited by location.

Learning Environment

Students thrive in different learning environments. Some perform best when they are surrounded by peers and some find that to be distracting. What kind of learning environment suits you? That’s the question that you need to ask yourself.

In-person coding bootcamps will put you in a situation where you are surrounded by like-minded people. If that is something that lifts your spirits and keeps you motivated to be better, you might be the perfect candidate for an on-site bootcamp.

Students who are usually self-motivated and like to learn in peace are probably more suitable for online courses. However, you should know that online classes demand self-discipline and focus as you won’t have other students or a fixed schedule to push you forward.

Learning Style

Lastly, you need to find a format that fits your learning style. For example, online courses are self-paced whereas in-person courses are usually intense and immerse you in a flood of information. You’ll also need to have a strong motivation to finish an online course without the support of fellow peers.

That’s not the only factor you should consider. In-person courses are more structured. They keep you in line and you don’t have to rely on your organizational skills that much. Online courses are the complete opposite in that aspect. They highly rely on your organizational strategy. If you are a great individual problem-solver, online courses can be a good match for your learning style.

What you need to be aware of is that online coding bootcamps can have different class formats. Some will provide you with an opportunity to work with a mentor or tutor individually and others might not have that option. Inform yourself of what kind of program the online bootcamp offers before you enroll in the course. Feel free to ask the support about every aspect of their format to ensure that you have the realistic idea of what you’re about to engage in.

To Conclude

Whether you’ll go for an online coding bootcamp or in-person coding bootcamp isn’t an easy decision. To make the right choice, you need to account for your personal needs and resources. It is highly important that you opt for the option that fits your learning style and enhances your learning abilities. With that been said, consider the above-mentioned aspects of both coding bootcamps, think about their advantages and disadvantages, and then you’ll be ready to make the right decision.

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