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The app market is very saturated today, and it has been this way for the past couple of years. If you launch a new app today, you will most likely be competing against thousands of other apps in the same category. That is why new start-ups that are created around app-based solutions invest more heavily in marketing and communications.

The big question remains: is developing an app today and launching it to the market a good idea? Is it worth the investment to launch an app-based solution to existing problems? There are several good reasons why the answers to these questions are a big YES, and we are going to discuss them in this article.

Low Entry Barrier

Thanks to agencies like Appetiser, you no longer have to invest heavily in an in-house app development team to actually develop an app. You can take your product idea, discuss it with the experts at Appetiser, and start the development project almost immediately.

Appetiser apps are created to the highest standards, which means you can expect everything from the UX flow to the user interface of the app (and its overall performance) to be of top-notch quality. At the same time, the company offers app development at reasonable rates.

The combination means there is now a lower entry barrier to the app landscape. All you need is a good idea for an app; the rest can be outsourced to a capable development team, allowing you to focus on marketing the app and finding users for it.

More Problems to Solve

A good app idea is one that solves an actual problem on the market. If you want to validate whether your app idea is good enough to develop, simply check if the app solves an actual problem and whether there are plenty enough people facing the same (or similar) problem.

Fortunately, there are more problems to solve, so the opportunity to develop a successful app is still there. You just have to be more selective with the problems you solve and the kind of app-based solution you present to the market.

If you are still not sure about whether you should develop an app, check with potential users. Discuss your product idea with experts and conduct real market research to further validate that idea. Making the decision to move forward with the development project becomes easier this way.

Monetisation Options

Do you know that more users are willing to pay for high-quality apps than ever before? The Apple App Store recorded its highest-earning this year and the upward trend appears to have enough momentum to continue for several more years. Monetisation options will never be an issue.

The real challenge is adding enough value to the app itself, but this is a challenge that can be tackled with careful planning. If you know your potential users well, you know exactly the kind of features and benefits that they expect from an app, and you can meet those expectations perfectly.

In fact, you can exceed potential users’ expectations to deliver even more value with the app. Once the value is there, choosing between a subscription model or a one-time charge (or even ads) as a way to monetise the app is a matter of finding an option that suits your business model perfectly.

Native Performance

Let’s not forget that native apps are more capable than ever. Sure, you can rely on web apps or services to deliver the same value, but nothing beats the experience that native apps can present to users. You are in their smartphones – that’s a strategic place indeed.

Native apps have access to more of the native features offered by mobile devices. You can tap into the users’ location, their files and photos, the built-in camera, and other features by asking for users’ permission. Once access is granted, there is a lot you can do within the app.

Native performance also means the best user experience. UX depends highly on smooth transitions, fluid UI elements, and real-time feedback from the app. Tapping into native functions like haptic feedback extends the user experience even further.

More Users Than Ever

Yes, the app market is saturated, but there are more users seeking app-based solutions than ever before. The growth in users is higher than that of new apps being introduced on the market. This could only mean one thing: there are still plenty of opportunities to seize.

All it takes is a better understanding of potential users. Don’t just focus on the ideas you have in mind; think about what users actually want and how they can fully benefit from the app you want to create. Combined with the other tips and tricks discussed in this article, there are plenty enough reasons to develop an app today.

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