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Any business organization, be it a small scale or large, needs proper accounting software to keep records of its generated profit and loss. Using accounting software can be valuable to business owners. Accounting software helps in generating invoices and also maintains a tab on the financial reports of the business. The tracking of financial inflow and outflow helps in managing the finances of the company.

An integrated accounting connects the processes with invoicing so that the workflow is fast-tracked and helps eliminate human inconsistencies making the ledger error-free. A strong base of accounting is the key to a successful company.

Most popular accounting software

Below is the list of accounting software that will boost the growth of a business:


First, on the list is Freshbook. The most crucial feature of Freshbook is that it integrates seamlessly with other business applications, and eliminates the need for additional software. It is a complete financial suite that helps in the smooth functioning of a business entity. It provides full control over financial operations within the software. The dashboard could be easily customized, and there is a minimum threat to a data leak as secure backups are administered to keep the information secure at all times. The application is user-friendly and also allows keeping track of charges with the help of the Android and iOS apps.

  • Powerful and simple features with a sleek design to promote higher work quality.
  • Online payment module to receive and send payments enables easier online transactions through a variety of payment gateways.
  • Users can access information anywhere, anytime through their smartphones running on iOS and Android.
  • The platform allows tracking of paid and unpaid invoices available instantly with a click. Past invoices can also be managed and pulled out anytime necessary.
  • Freshbook allows pinpointing of the exact location where a customer opened the invoice mail.
  • Pricing starts at $15/ month.


Online accounting software designed to benefit small and medium businesses with their financial and tax reporting requirements. Its mobile capability allows its users to make payments on the go and also provides real times access to the Auditors

  • Powerful desktop software with over 50 features that lets you access and store data via cloud storage.
  • Keeps critical information safe with bank-level online protection
  • Affordable software for medium-sized businesses with enterprise-grade features.
  • It has inbuilt checklists and guidelines to organize your business and ensures an accurate financial report.
  • Price starts at $ 44.97 per month.
  • 24×7 access to support for comprehensive knowledge.

Zoho books

ZohoBooks is a hassle-free accounting tool to manage the cash flow and finances for a small business. It provides seamless connectivity and security. It also allows accepting payments online.

Apart from financial overviews and graphs, the application is also capable of smoothly running back-office functions.

  • Bank and credit card undertakings are automatically imported in accordance with bank rules.
  • Invoices of individuals can be generated to find out the estimates and collection of retainers and prepayments.
  • Users can send notifications reminding their clients to pay on time.
  • Price starts at $9/organisation per month.

NetSuite ERP

A general ledger with financing tools of eCommerce could pave the way towards growing your business. The financing tools include sales, communication, calendar syncs and order processing, and fulfillment. It also has inventory management tools to take care of stocks and shipping. Has a file manager which makes work easy to share on any task.

  • It helps generate crucial indicators and allows a seamless interface.
  • It is easy to configure.
  • Modern and fully mobile with the help of the internet.
  • It has a robust financial core with numerous capabilities.
  • Cloud storage eliminates the cost of ownership.


It is a cloud-hosted accounting solution for small and midsized companies. It has bank-grade security tools which makes it an ideal platform for businesses from the restocking of the inventory to accepting payments from clients to tax reports.

  • It has an intuitive interface, sports a clean dashboard.
  • User activity is monitored with a high level of encryption.
  • It can easily integrate with other business systems.
  • It is industry-specific and specializes in service-based businesses.
  • A faster payment processing system.


Relied upon by freelancers and for small scale businesses, this software can manage every aspect of financial operation. Easily send or receive invoices, monitor expenses or link bank accounts.

It provides seamless connectivity with your bank accounts through its integration capability.

  • The software features a sleek and modern design.
  • Provides quick access to projects and invoices.
  • Has an expense tracker to monitor the outflow of cash.
  • Direct payments delivered into the system linking all payments systems internationally.
  • It has a low-cost universal pricing plan of $10 per month for the first six months and $20 per month after the first six months.


It is a versatile accounting solution with comprehensive accounting solutions designed to accomplish tasks related to back-office processes effectively, built within the Salesforce. It is used by numerous large scale industries such as healthcare and financial services.

  • It has strong automation features with work concerning payroll, billing and generating of reports.
  • It also integrates with other business applications bringing in a seamless workflow.

A brief review of the above-mentioned accounting software applications will help in utilizing all the finances in the right direction. So if you run a small scale or a large scale industry, the use of accounting software will surely help you stand out and know the differences in profit and loss your company has made.

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