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Officer Norman is a police officer in Little Rock, Arkansas. He has gathered a mass following on different social media platforms due to how personable he is as a police officer.

In 2015, rapper Killer Mike spoke about him on the news and ever since then, he is now a minor celebrity throughout the United States. It is not his career that has given him a lot of admirers; it is what he has done with his job to make Little Rock and the world a better place that has made him famous.

There are many prominent distinctions between Officer Norman and other cops. He is generally interested in his community and serves the people that live there.

He is known for walking through neighborhoods and speaking to locals about ongoing issues or even something so simple as to ask how their day is. He sets himself apart from other cops because he cares about all the people, especially the poor and minorities that feel that the police force targets them.

Within the United States, there has always been a battle brewing between the police and citizens. The past ten years or so have especially shown that more training needs to be prevalent for officers in how to handle people.

Furthermore, there needs to be more positive communication within the local police force and the residents to forge a bond. With the ever-presence of cameras, video, and around the clock news on social media, police forces are the forefront of where a lot of blame goes to how cops, including deaths by officers, treat people.


But Officer Tommy Norman is trying to change the hostility and hate between police and the people they have sworn to protect and serve. He is always smiling and makes time to be with children, whether that is dancing with little girls or playing basketball in the street. He devotes a lot of his time and energy to bridge the gap between his surrounding community and his fellow officers.

Tommy Norman gives all of us pause at how to look at the world, treat those in it, and how to be a beautiful human being. He spreads love and kindness by looking at the welfare of the elderly and those with special needs. There are videos of him sitting with children playing dress-up and eating at a community picnic.

His core values are that people need to be able to trust the people that have authority and are in charge of keeping their streets and cities safe.

Officer Norman knows that there are wrongdoings and corruption within police departments; he has never denied that. However, if communities know their cops, personally there can be an open line of communication between cops and residents that can aid weeding out the exploitation and abuse of power.

Also, there is more than just violence and apprehensions when it comes to policing. Officer Norman believes part of his job is to serve the community and not just write tickets and make arrests. Unfortunately, due to the negative perception that people have had of police lately, that is only what some people know of officers.

There is still hope for everyone in every community to get along and work with officers. It does need to start with the police force and how they treat and act towards the civilians they are supposed to work for and help.

Officer Norman is leading by example that if police officers take a little time to benefit the public by positively engaging people, more people will support those officers. In turn, communities can be safer and people much happier with their local law enforcement. Can other police officers do the same? Hopefully, with a positive influence, Officer Norman can lead more communities besides Little Rock to do the same.

Gary Wilhelmsson

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