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You’ve tried about everything for your chronic pain except for CBD. With the way your friends rave about it, you’ve decided to give it a shot. At least until you saw all the different ways to take the stuff.

Which method do you try out first? We’re here to tell you that none of them are bad. Some of them may just work better for you than others.

Let us help you make the choice by laying out all the pros and cons. Keep reading to see the best ways to take CBD and get the most out of your dosage.

1. Capsule Form

One of the easiest and most popular ways to take CBD is to swallow it in capsule form. The pills go down smooth and they contain a pre-measured dose so you don’t risk taking too little or too much.

Since they look like regular old pills you can take them under the radar anywhere you want. There are no special tools or droppers that you have to mess around with either.

The only problem with the capsules is they don’t work as fast as the other methods on this list. Little bits of CBD will be released into your system over a long time frame. So, if you need fast relief to get through your day, you might be better off ingesting the oil directly.

2. Ingest the Oil Directly

More common than capsules is taking oil directly by swallowing it. As the CBD is broken down by your liver, the positive compounds are distributed through your bloodstream.

It’s not as discrete as taking a supplement but it’s a little faster acting. The downside is that you’ll need to measure out your dosage yourself. Squeeze it out on a spoon or on your finger and place it on your tongue before swallowing.

3. Hold the Oil Under Your Tongue

This method is sort of like swallowing it except you’ll hold it under your tongue instead. Same as above, you’ll have to measure out your dosage yourself and use a dropper to distribute it.

The membranes under your tongue will absorb the oil and act fast to give you the relief that you’re seeking. The only thing you may not like is the taste.

You’ll have to hold the oil under your tongue for a while. The taste is a little strong and bitter. If it’s too much for you, you can combat it with flavored oil.

4. Vape the Oil

If you want the fast-acting power of putting the oil under your tongue with the discreteness of taking a capsule, you should try out vaping. Vaping Lazarus Naturals oils is so normal and accepted that not many people will question you.

You will have to check with staff members before you start vaping in a public business though. Not all of them allow you to do it and getting kicked out might destroy the discreteness you were going for.

If you don’t already vape, it may take you a while to get used to it and you’ll need to do a little experimentation. There are a lot of CBD vape oils out there of varying strengths. It might take several tries before you find the right dosage for you.

Other than that, vaping will allow more of the CBD compound to get into your bloodstream and provide fast results.

5. Edibles

Don’t like the taste of CBD oil? Consume edibles instead. Not only do CBD gummies taste great but they contain a pre-measurement of oil so it’s easy to get your dose.

Like the capsules, edibles are discrete. Nobody’s going to question the person snacking on a pack of gummy bears. They easily fit in your bag or purse and can be taken anywhere.

It does take longer for the CBD to kick in through this method because it has to travel through your digestive system. The good news is that the effects last for a while.

6. Put it in Your Favorite Food and Drinks

If gummies aren’t your forte, you can make your own edibles right at home. There are tons of tasty recipes that you can try out on the web and anything can be an edible if you try hard enough.

Try blending your dose into your favorite smoothies and drinks. For the best results combine CBD with foods like burgers. The fatty acids work well with the compounds in the oil.

7. Rub It into Your Skin

CBD oil is quite beneficial to the skin due to its ability to fight free radicals and decrease inflammation. That being said, it’s being used in skin creams and other products now more than ever.

It’s a pretty easy and straightforward way to get your dose of CBD. Squeeze some of the cream onto your skin and rub it in. You’ll feel better and your skin will be baby smooth and blemish-free.

The Best Ways to Take CBD and Reap the Benefits

You’ve been told about the benefits of CBD oil from a countless number of your friends. You want to try it yourself but there are so many different types of ways to take it. It’s a little overwhelming, to say the least.

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