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Breguet has a profile in making technical and innovative watches. The company was established in 1775 and is still known as a big gun in the watchmaking industry. Abraham Louis was the man behind the Breguet, in just a little city of Paris is where the first Breguet workshop was constructed.

On that city of Paris, Abraham Louis spent years in manufacturing watch and thus introduced the world to the innovative series of all the time the Breguet watch series. At this workshop, the first wristwatch in the series was designed for the queen of Naples at that time. As a timepiece designed for a queen must be so much enhanced and optimized in overall look to suit the lifestyle of a queen. It was considered to be a top-designed model at that time.

Abraham Louis took the brand to another level of success. With just a few resources, he managed to create one of the world’s most complicated automatic timepeice ever existed by the Breguet, but it took more than 30 years to be finally created. The passion for watchmaking and the contribution of A.Louis will never be forgotten.

During the unique watchmaking, series inventions were done by the brand, In this guide, I’ll explore the discoveries and innovations done by the brand.


●    Gong Spring

A technical feature by the brand to ensure the extreme level of precisional rate of the watch. Horological complications are what make the timepeice more functional and luxurious.

In 1783, when Breguet launched a fully re-engineered movement featuring a gong-spring, it was the time for the brand to celebrate, because it has achieved something complicated and technical as well as makes the watch more utilitarian.

Experts at the company make sure everything optimal should be embedded within the timepiece, no compromise is done on getting the low-quality pieces of equipment.

●    Perpetual Calendar

A functional timepiece is what that features all of your requirements. The calendar function is seen in the watches and clocks with less or full-day / month. That’s what Breguet cares for and always provide something valuable and optimal.

It is a completed task to automatically correct even if it is related to leap years and 29 February, Breguet made a perpetual calendar that shows full calendar and can automatically correct itself. This level of complications is really necessary to beat the watchmaking industry. It is also seen in many high-class watches like Rolex and Patek Phillipe, But at Breguet, it takes something more precious to make high-quality technicalities.

●    Para Chute

A distinctive and useful feature of a sports timepiece, the parachute. It ensures that the watch remains working in its optimal condition and can withstand intense lifestyle by featuring an advanced shockproof mechanism.

This thing overall enhanced the reputation of the brand in the community of top-rated Swiss watchmakers and gave its watches a touch of accuracy.

●    Chronometers

Chronograph watches making is where a brand’s expertise in manufacturing complicated watch tools is tested. All chronometers by the brand are officially certified by the Swiss and passed COSC.

At Swiss, the watches are tested under a series of stages just to ensure whether it is compatible to be a part of a Swiss watch or not. But the Breguet features something more than enough.

●    Tourbillon

The enhanced technicality of a watch is referred to as a tourbillon. Which is only featured in exclusive editions, as it takes master watchmaking skills to make a regulator as accurate as a Tourbillon.

When the brand’s invented his first Tourbillon wristwatch, it not only become a timepiece of a higher precisional rate but also introduced to the world as one of the advanced horological devices at that time.

The brand’s series contains numerous innovative timepieces with advanced technicalities that feature these inventions. Each timepiece is manufactured by utilizing advanced craftsmanship skills.

One of the brand’s most technical collections of watch series is the Tradition edition as it reflects the brand’s struggle in manufacturing advanced watch tools.

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