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The beauty industry centers around the upper and upper-middle-class strata of the society. Most such people have access to the internet and rely on it for reviews before making a purchase. Also, a good faction of beauty product users makes their purchases online.

A beauty product user relies on video for more than just reviews of products. Learning about new beauty products, viewing tutorials to improve one’s skincare routine, and DIY makeup tutorials are other types of beauty videos that have a good viewership. The beauty industry is highly dynamic, and in today’s digital world, most users rely on online videos to keep up with the latest industry trends.

Tutorial videos account for a major fraction of the consumer’s preferred beauty category on YouTube. This is closely followed by commercials, routine videos, and others. With more than a hundred million beauty channels, there is an increasing competition among beauty brands to attract the attention of the consumers. 

In such a situation, coming up with a quality promo video, posting engaging videos, and maintaining regularity in video posting are all deciding factors in determining the popularity of your channel. Here, we will explore how beauty brands can make the most of the user’s affinity towards video content in building a brand identity.

Check Out Influencer Collaboration

The world of beauty products relies on the desire of a common girl (or lady) to look like her favorite celebrity. When a product or brand is endorsed by the celebrity one aspires to look like, the chances of consumers picking up the product increases manifold. Try to identify celebrities who people look up to in terms of beauty standards and see if you can collaborate with them for a promotional video.

In the world of YouTube, influencers are the new celebrity icon having millions of followers of their own. By collaborating with such individuals, your brand reaches a larger audience. Most successful influencers and beauty vloggers are business people on the lookout for brand collaborations. Hence, there is no reason for you to be hesitant when approaching them.

Product Videos

One of the biggest challenges of the beauty industry is the fact that new products are being developed continuously, and users need to keep pace with their usage. By developing realistic product videos, you will be giving potential customers an actual picture of what the product is and how to use it. This will go a long way in helping the potential customer decide.

Not only does this increase your sales, but by letting the users have a video representation of the product, you will be cutting down on the product returns, which is a major challenge for e-commerce beauty sellers. The key is keeping the video as real as possible and describing the product as it is.

User-Generated Videos

No matter how great your video is, users will always trust the words of their friends over that of yours. You can leverage this by encouraging your customers to make videos with your products. The video need not be a product review or completely about the product. By having the product mentioned as a part of their regular videos, you will be able to promote the popularity of your brand based on word-of-mouth.

As a brand, you can run promotion campaigns wherein posting such self-generated videos on social media platforms is the entry criteria. Also, try to incentivize the posting of video reviews in the Amazon marketplace. Considering that sellers aren’t allowed to post video product descriptions in the portal, such user-generated reviews will help potential customers understand your beauty products better.

Makeup Tutorials

Makeup is an art, and even the ones who are best at it are on the constant lookout for video tutorials to learn new skills. As a brand, you can come up with makeup tutorials and use this as an opportunity to demonstrate the application of some new (or poorly performing) product. Repeated mention of the product’s name and properties in a tutorial video with good content will generate interest among the viewers.

By ensuring that you generate makeup videos periodically, they will stay tuned to the latest products in your brand. Considering the wide range of innovative makeup techniques available, arranging the content for such regular videos should not be a Herculean task.

Moreover, such videos also attract the attention of makeup novices who are simply looking to learn the basics of makeup.  The videos will help them register your brand and product name, making them more likely to pick the product when making a purchase.

Sponsor an Event

With internet penetration increasing by the minute, this might be the best time for you to invest in sponsoring an online event. Start by identifying an event where the attendees are members of your target segment. Try to get an estimate of the attendance of consumers and calculate if that’s worth the cost.

Once you have decided on the virtual event you want to sponsor and have worked out the legal aspects of it with the organizer, the next major step would be to prepare a promotional video that will convey your message. Select your most relevant and interesting product and use that to tell your story. If you want people to take your brand seriously, make sure you opt for an intro maker without watermark while preparing the video.

Today, in 2020, video consumption among internet users is higher than ever before. The exponential growth of video content is visible to all. As a marketing professional associated with clients from the world of beauty products, you stand at an advantage in terms of leveraging the power of videos.

This is a field where there is ample room for exploration and the ones who experiment the most are more likely to get the bigger piece of the cake. As you begin your video marketing journey, it is hoped that the tips discussed in this article were of help to you.

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