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Panerai redefined the way how luxuries watches are presented when it first launched the Luminor timepiece. In addition to bolder and masculine look with enhanced legibility feature, this time also a utilitarian in all aspects. This timepiece has been one of the most-popular among watch enthusiasts and maintaining the standards of Panerai by providing a quality touch to the timepiece. 

This timepiece also has been a choice of many high-profile personalities, Mike Horn is known as a great explorer and a professional diver relies on Luminor to be his constant ally. And whats more than better a choice of a professional diver, this timepiece is designed to withstand intense lifestyle and can last a lifetime. Mike is seen having a Panerai on his wrist while exploring due to the extreme legibility feature of this timepiece which helps him, observer, the elapsed time and to navigate. With a unique tachymeter scale, this timepiece overall a perfect choice for a professional living.

Whether it for an active lifestyle or a casual one, whether you are going on a business meeting or getting ready for gold, Luminor is always considered to be an ideal choice that matches all dress codes and all lifestyles.

The Luminor Collection contains many exclusive editions, some of the top models also use the rare complicated watch functions like a tourbillon and flyback chronographs.

Recently 3 new editions of Luminor Marina were launched featuring an advanced luminescent materials carbon tech, marina, and fibrotic.

Top Editions of Panerai

We filtered some of the exclusive editions of Panerai Luminor watches from our selected database consist of top luxury watches

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MARINA -Ref PAM01117

The MARINA PAM01117 comes with 70 years of warranty. This factor actually comes from the original MARINA to celebrate and honor the 70th anniversary of this timepiece. It was in fact the pinnacle of Luminor Collection.

The case is made of high-end titanium which is virtually scratch-proof and also laser synthesized. This type of material usually used in making robust aeronautical equipment to ensure the reliability and longevity of the mechanism maintaining the whole mechanism light-weighted case. But due to its enhanced reliability and durability factor, it is used in the Panerai timepiece for an improved lifetime.

To ensure the enhanced legibility factor, the timepiece is covered with layers of luminescent material. Even the border stitches of the strap are covered with this radiant substance and the Panerai printed within the dial also covered with this material.

Summarised Technical Features

  • CASE: Diameter  of 44milimetes composed of  brushed titanium
  • BEZEL: Titanium scratch proof
  • DIAL: Blue  with Arabic numerals Date at 3 o’clock and seconds at 9 o’clock
  • WATER RESISTANCE: 30 bars of water resistance depth.
  • STRAP: Panerai Sportech™ Blue with a luminescent covered stitched border.

GMT Version – Ref PAM01537

Following the traditional look with an oversized crown bridge, this timepiece contains many exclusive wristwatches features one of them is the GMT date function, which is a complication in watches.

This timepiece also features a power indicator and embedded date in addition to a small seconds display. The overall timepiece is more elegant than any of other timepieces in this range .P.9012 movements are what this timepiece is powered by, this is known to be one of the most-accurate in-house Panerai calibers features 3 days power reserve.

AISI 316L Stainless steel is featured in this timepiece which is extremely scratch-proof and represents a more shiner look, This material was basically designed for the timepieces used by Italian soldiers as it has the ability to stand with extreme environmental conditions and can last longer than expectations. When it comes to a watch design with military specification robustness of timepiece is the first variable on which the main focusing is done and that’s what PAM01537 represents.

In addition to these two superb editions of luxury watches, many other timepieces were launched by Panerai such as 

  • PAM00670
  • PAM00656
  • PAM00335
  • PAM00526
  • PAM00580
  • PAM00788
  • PAM00795
  • PAM01438

All timepieces in the above-mentioned list are one of the most-accurate and well-designed wristwatch manufactured by the brand with a traditional touch of high-quality.

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