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The two most important features of a website are – user-friendly design & efficient functionality. Excelling in one aspect will not make the website effective. Everything comes down to code & design. Understanding PSD to WordPress conversion is Critical. Pixel perfect business websites & picture perfect Ecommerce integrations are few benefits. Your website can integrate all desired attributes.

This is possible with the control of Photoshop & functionality of WP. This information will screen you that the process of establishing & directing a customized website from a PSD design and style formation to WordPress transformation.. A WordPress development company & its teams can help you understand the procedure.

Learning the PSD To WordPress Conversion Process in detail

WordPress comes with several prebuilt themes. But still you need an exclusive design for your business website. A PSD to WordPress converter proves to be beneficial for this scenario.

Here are some easy steps to follow. The steps will let you know how to convert PSD to WordPress theme.

  • Cutting Photoshop documents into images – PSD comprises portions of images. It is important to cut the PSD into autonomous images. The next step is saving the images as discrete image files. Adobe Photoshop can help to achieve this. Now separate those images that you want to incorporate into a web page.

Stuffing images can be harmful as it can slow down the loading speed of the page. Optimizing selected images is possible with offline or online tools. Image arrangement is also possible by use like slider, header, background, footer, etc.

  • Create CSS & HTML files – It is very easy to create static website pages with CSS & HTML. But for proper PSD to WordPress integration, deep insight is necessary.

In the second step, it is time to craft a HTML & CSS file. The former is for web page code & latter is for the design part. Creating and editing the files is also very simple with tools such as Notepad.

Open editor

  • Create file. For an example name it as Home.html
  • Craft another file. Name it as Stylesheet.css
  • After opening Home.html file, write basic code of footer, header and body tags
  • It is important to incorporate proper references to ‘class’ & ‘id’ while creating
  • Tags are necessary for connecting to CSS file
  • Save your HTML file

After this

  1. Open Stylesheet.css file
  2. Write the fundamental styling code
  3. Use the same ‘id’ for defining design features of fields like content, header and footer
  4. Add before sliced images in the correct position in the CSS file. Checking the live web design is possible on several platforms


  • Implanting WP theme structure into HTML file – Your HTML & CSS files are now ready. Integrating the files in the WP environment is now possible.

Now it is time to start with WP file structure for proper PSD to WordPress theme development.

  1. WordPress files are in the programming language, PHP. Gaining some knowledge on this is important
  2. Two important files of WP are style.css & index.php. These are quite like those before created files. This means integrating these won’t be challenging. Yet, WP comprises several other PHP files as well. The names are footer.php, header.php and sidebar.php

Now we will break up the code. By doing this, the code will fit as per every file. This list will help you understand it better

  • php – comment template file
  • php – homepage file
  • Front-page.php – template for static front page
  • php – this file is important to create common sidebar for every post & page
  • php – it helps to describe a common header template for every page
  • php – this is for standard footer template for every page
  • Download a WordPress theme of your preference for your website. Upload the theme to the hosting panel
  • Check the website in your browser. The browser will comprise that default theme design
  • Open your index.php page. Substitute the respective code with that code that is in the Home.html file
  • Now perform the same with style.css file. You can do this by substituting the particular code with Stylesheet.css file that you created before
  • Save all the files
  • Check the website design once again in your browser
  • You can witness the live new design
  • If you want any changes in the code or design of the page, you can go ahead

Add WP tags & functions – WordPress contains all-inclusive annals of functions & tags. Using the tags & functions on the website is possible. In case you want to edit a present theme for making PSD to WordPress responsive, you will find most of the tags.

  • But if you develop WP themes right from scratch, it will be important to discover proper WP tags to the theme.
  • More uses of the tags accessible on
  • You must position every tag in the proper place. Placing needs to be in respective pages of the theme
  • This makes it vital to know in depth about coding. If you are not comfortable, there is PSD to WordPress service provider available
  • If you do not know much about PHP language, you must not try to create a WP theme right from scratch. You always get such advice by experts.
  • After making these changes, now it is time to launch the WP theme
  • Now comes the functionality part. You can add new posts, content, or pages for creating an eye-catching website for users


After testing every element , it is now time to populate your WordPress site with apposite content. Then you can Go Live! WordPress is that website platform that can help in creating a robust website presence for your business. With WordPress functionality & Photoshop design competence, you get hands on a visually stimulating online website. This helps in boosting digital marketing campaigns as well.

Yet, PSD to WordPress development is somewhat challenging. Not everyone can get hold of the concept . But not to worry as PSD to WordPress conversion service is available currently. Make sure to appoint a reputed WordPress development company. This is for availing the best PSD to WordPress service. Get in touch to know more. Connect with us today.

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