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Media buying means the act of purchasing advertisements from a media-related company. The media company includes all forms of content, be it print, television, or the internet. The entire process of buying consists of the positioning of the advertisement in the source. You must continuously seek new and better avenues for your advertisement. In regards to the online world, the rates depend upon various factors like:

  • the size of the ad
  • position of an ad
  • number of pages the ad appears
  • number of days the ad is run
  • traffic of the website

Thus, the media price relies on many factors.

Header Bidding

If you aren’t sure what is header bidding, here is an insight that will help you understand the concept of header bidding. It is the advanced method of programmatic ad buying.

Primary Elements of a Header Bidding Campaign

Higher Competition

Every space or impression of the website is now open to more number of bidders. This increases competition and rewards the publisher. The publisher can end up gaining more than usual. According to resources, a header bidding campaign increases 15 to 50% compared to a waterfall auction.


Everyone loves transparency in business. With header bidding, you can have transparency at its best. It also enables publishers to view and decide the ad stacks better than the traditional bidding.

Higher Demand

Even if you aren’t sure what is header bidding, understand this- it provides a higher demand for the publishers. The number of bidders for the same ad stack is more than the traditional bidding process. The competition is higher, and thus the demand is higher too. As a publisher, you can expect higher demand.

Higher Scope for Advertisers

The header bidding is beneficial not only for the publisher but also for the advertiser. With header bidding, the advertiser has access to the entire inventory of ad stacks. As an advertiser, you can choose your preferred space for ads. Depending on the requirement and price quoted, the advertisement can plan the bidding.

Consumer’s Attention

The CPM, fill rate, and revenue gains from the solutions outweigh implementation costs. Publishers are facing an increasingly competitive environment for the consumer’s attention.

In today’s world, social media platforms boast of a mammoth customer presence. These websites attain a vast audience; hence the advertisers plan their ads in these sites. From the advertiser’s point of view, selecting a website is very important to ensure maximum footfall of their content.

Header Bidding: Analysis

Header Bidding is preferred over other traditional forms of bidding as it has so many advantages. However, switching to header bidding does not automatically guarantee your success. To implement the concept of header bidding successfully, the publisher needs to have sufficient technical knowledge.

Even though header binding is very trending and highly successful, it is also recommended that you must analyze all the pros and cons involved with it.

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