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The sportiest timepiece in the IWC collection, The Yacht Club is in-fact one of the most classy timepieces in this range. IWC is known in fact well-known for making high-quality Swiss Luxury watches for years and still enjoying a high success rate which it has been keeping for years. It is one of the most famous brands which is popular overseas and has a huge number of followings.

In this guide, we’ll be discussing the technical features of the Yacht Club in the Portugieser collection.

A Brief History Of Portugieser:

The first Portugieser was seen in the late 1930s when two businessmen ordered a utilitarian piece of the timepiece with an extreme level of precision rate similar to the pocket watch. It was the time when IWC accepted the challenge and introduced the first Portugieser which become famous in no time. That’s the secret of the brand — it always breaks the limits to provide a better innovative timepiece every time.

To make this watch best in precision rate and more accurate than any of the timepieces, IWC adjusted a pocket watch caliber in it which over-all made this timepiece to overcome all other watches with an oversized dial. This version of the timepiece had a few copies. Later on, this timepiece was revolutionized with much smaller cases and enhanced functionality and still is known to be one of the most-popular IWC series.

Yacht Club Chronograph Ref – IW390502

IW390502 is basically an enhanced version of Portugieser and with enormous features. It has become one of the popular versions of IWC. Overall this timepiece reflects a sportier and younger look. The crown-protector case with a stopwatch seconds hand-highlighted in red improves the elegance of this watch.


The super-awesome in house IWC genuine caliber 89361, known as one of the most advanced and accurate movements in the list of the brand’s caliber. This caliber also features a flyback like complicated feature, this type of functionality requires master watchmaking skills and advanced engineering to be featured in a timepiece, It overall increases the worth of this timepiece in aspect to utilitarian features in addition to its masculine look.

This fly-back chronograph provides 68 hours of long-lasting power reserve feature and is manufactured by following the standards of IWC. This caliber is one of the most-accurate movements as discussed earlier, but has this functionality even with chronometers embedded within it. 

One can see the beating heart of the Yacht Club through a sapphire crystal from the back.

Water Resistance

Water Resistance feature is basically common in IWC watches but this timepiece is improved version so everything within it also represented as enhanced. It can withstand extreme water pressure and has a waterproofness level within 197 ft which is approximately 60 meters.

This timepiece can be used in the relevant depth without any worries about getting your timepiece damaged. 

The overall mechanism is sealed within the dial and no water can reach the internal mechanism to disturb the smooth running flow of the movements which make this timepiece worth-buying.

Rubber Strap

The case is attached to a rubber strap for comfortable wearing. The black rubber strap with a silver-toned dial gives this timepiece sporty yet masculine look. The strap is available even in 22 millimeters of width. It has a stainless clasp with the IWC logo printed on it. It also has linked boxes like stitches design in the middle of the strap over with the holes are made for the clasp needle to pass through.

This timepiece is available both in a golden and stainless steel case . You can have a steel case Yacht club in under 15,000 USD or find a pre-owned for more budget thing.

So to have a timepiece which has sporty look and also functional, what’s better than a Portugieser?

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