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Have you ever considered running a background check on yourself? In fact, there are many good reasons to do this. For instance, there could be inaccurate information in your credit history. In addition, you might have forgotten about an embarrassing picture or comment on social media. This information can surface the next time you apply for a loan, an apartment, or a job. After you establish false data, you can take measures to have it corrected or removed. Running a background check on yourself on Checkpeople or on another people finder can prove decisive to an upcoming job interview or to how a promising new relationship will develop.

How to Perform a Self-Check

You can start by ordering a copy of your report. This will let you see the information a prospective employer will get when they screen you, which they will. You can order a free copy from Experian, TransUnion, or Equifax. Don’t worry – your credit report isn’t publicly available. Normally, it’s not possible to pull up someone’s credit report without a legit reason and written permission.

There are lots of free ways to do a background check. Most of the data courts have on file is public; you can find it through the National Center for State Courts. You can also search your state’s website. Keep in mind you need to look at the sites of all the states you’ve lived in. It’s also a good idea to search county and local records.

Hire a Professional

If you don’t have the time to look yourself but don’t mind making the investment, you can contact a professional background check service. Don’t choose the cheapest offer; it’s likely to be a scam. Some “providers” will only run a Google search of your name.

Not every screening service will cut it if a landlord or employer is running a background check or somebody is being screened for credit, insurance, or medical purposes. The party performing the search must use a consumer reporting agency. CRAs fulfill all pertinent data protection standards and offer dispute resolution. The subject of the search can cause problems for the prospective employer or landlord if they are rejected based on a background check from an entity not registered as a CRA under the Federal Credit Reporting Act.

Easy Searches

To run a self-check or to check someone else, you could try White Pages Neighbors. It combs social media and Google and reveals willingly shared details. Online screening services are very helpful because they retrieve any data available online. If you were to search manually, this would take weeks. In comparison, a background check company will need minutes. These services are simply superb when it comes to collecting specific data. They also generate user-friendly reports. If you find false information, you can get it corrected or deleted. That way, you’ll be able to put your best face forward in your housing, loan, or job interview.

Improve Your Chances

The better informed you are about what people can learn about you, the better your chances and prospects. People with common names can be mistaken for someone else. Even a Google search can yield surprising information, including past arrests or evictions. If an arrest didn’t result in conviction or charges, it can’t be used against you, at least in most states.

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