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In the contemporary world, our diet plan has become complex than ever. Today, many of us miss out sufficient fiber consumption and fall prey to various health disorders. Fortunately, these disorders can be treated freely by using the best fiber supplement.

While women and men require about 25 to 38 grams of fiber daily to stay fit and healthy, studies have shown that most of us only consume about 10 to 15 grams of fiber daily. The lack of fiber in our bodies leads to irregular bowel movement and constipation. Thus, today in this article we’re going to reveal the best fiber supplement, encompassing high-quality ingredients to fulfill daily requirement of fiber.

On top, an optimum dose of fiber daily aids in reducing bad cholesterol, enhancing nutritive satisfaction and regulating blood sugar level. However, countless off-the-shelf supplements boast about offering quality fibers, but only the best ones have proven to be safe clinically. Therefore, we have included only the safest and tested fiber supplements in this guide. Read along to discover everything:

Types of Fiber Supplement

While evaluating the mainstream fiber supplements, we came up with two popular fiber supplement types. Both the types offer distinct health benefits, following different working-dynamics. Having said, below are the two common types of fiber supplements that you could choose for specific health benefits:

  • Insoluble Fiber Supplements

As the name indicates, this type of fiber supplement is not dissolved when swallowed. Instead, it works by passing through body intact, blending in stool and riding patients from constipation. Interestingly, insoluble fiber supplement come from sources like wheat bran.

  • Soluble Fiber Supplements

The soluble fiber supplements on another hand encompass ingredients such as beta-glucan, methylcellulose, and even inulin. On top, the soluble fiber supplements have become popular due their ability to get dissolved, treating patients with high-cholesterol and blood sugar level. In addition, this type of fiber supplements come from sources like wood pulp, chicory root, oats, and brans.

Which One Would Suit You?

Now that you’ve come to know about different types of fiber supplements, a question stands what type of it would suit you. An answer to this question is Psyllium fiber. Being made from husks of the Plantoovata seeds, Pysllium fiber has proven to be beneficial for different parts in a human body. On top, patients suffering from heart and pancreas disorders could expect various fitness benefits from Psyllium fiber.

Interestingly, Psylliym fiber when dissolved in water forms gel. Then, it stays in gel-form, passing through a human body. Not only this, researchers have proven that a fiber supplement should be sufficiently viscous to deliver the optimum health benefits.

However, a large number of fiber supplements don’t become gel due to stickiness loss while traveling through intestines. For instance, Inulin ferments in digestive system instead of retaining its gel forming properties. The fermentation is claimed to be responsible from causing bloating and flatulence.

Health Benefits to Achieve from Fiber Supplements

Putting it simple, Psyllium fiber is better for one’s health due to fact that it would less likely give you any gastric problems. In addition, it would keep you safe against a wide range of cardiovascular diseases. Besides, Psyllium fiber promotes bowel regularity, leading to better overall feeling. In essence, Psyllium supplements work by holding water and bulking up contents in the intestines while forming gel. It helps in treating issues including constipation.

In addition, Psyllium fiber supplement absorbs water, leading to reduced blood sugar level. In other words, this fiber supplement is best for patients suffering from type 2 diabetes. Overall, Psyllium fiber supplement serves as a well-rounded package for treating digestive issues, cholesterol, and high-blood sugar.

Best Fiber Pills

Fiber pills on another hand serve as handy alternative to bulky fiber supplements. However, the pills compromise not even a bit when it comes to health benefits. The fiber pills are created from a well-balanced potion of soluble and soluble components. Besides, many of the top fiber pills are blended with the purest and organic ingredients, helping to improve bodily functions greatly.

On top, taking pills is convenient to many people rather than dissolving the powder counterpart. Among the prime advantages, fiber pills are cost-effective, convenient, and light on the digestive system.

Fiber Supplements for Weight Loss

Among the top advantages of fiber supplements is the weight loss. That said, fiber supplements offer a fuller feeling, making us feel less hungry. This in turn helps in weight loss. In addition, fiber supplement offer sufficient fiber quantity that we miss out on regular meals. Thus, when choosing the best fiber supplement, a user could expect both i.e. relief from bowel irregularity and over-weight issues.

Testing the Best Fiber Supplements

While testing the best fiber supplements, we discovered that the powdered fiber supplements had to be mixed with any liquid. Also, many of the fiber supplements had failed to even mix completely in liquid, and thus, failed to appear on this guide. However, some of the top seeded-husk formulas showed outstanding solubility, becoming the top contenders for our guide.

On another hand, we found that the tablet counterparts of fiber supplements were easier to swallow and had the minimal burden on the digestive system.

Final Thoughts

Adequate fiber intake has proven to be helpful for many people. In addition, fiber could treat a wide range of health issues such as gastrointestinal problems, constipation, cholesterol, obesity and many more.

However, when it comes to our health, we suggest users only pick first-quality and high-standard fiber supplements. Thus, we picked the best fiber supplement, examined reviews, and tested them individually. You can choose from one of the safest, reliable, and top-ranked fiber supplements below to avail the best health benefits.

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