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The much-awaited season has arrived and so has the skin dryness, sinus congestion, cracked lips and toes, stuffy nose and much more. Have you equipped yourself with a humidifier to get around all these problems? If not, then we have created this guide to show you how a humidifier would help to ease and soothe yourselves in this season. Read along to discover advantages, types and the best humidifiers to choose.

A humidifier works by adding moisture into the air. The sole reason for having a humidifier in a room is to eliminate dryness from air thereby preventing skin irritation and other issues. In addition, a humidifier also provides relief to people suffering from diseases such as common cold and flu. In fact, humidifiers come with a broad range of benefits, but you should know how to use them properly to get the best out of them.

Benefits of Using a Humidifier

When highlighting the benefits of humidifiers, we can’t overlook their prime advantage which is adding moisture into the air and helping you get over skin and throat related dryness. Humidifiers are highly beneficial for people with dry skin, headaches, sinus problems, nose irritation, dry cough, bloody as well as irritated noses. In addition, best humidifiers mentioned in this article have proven to help relieve pain in cracked lips and toes too.

5 Best Humidifiers

BONECO Humidifiers

It isn’t easy to find a humidifier that is fully automated. This ultrasonic humidifier from BONECO will keep your room full of moisture while you sleep. Its digital display will keep you informed at all times.

MistAire Humidifiers

While most humidifiers will make your house too humid, here is a humidifier that is guaranteed to keep your home germ free. It is easily portable and can last you up to 16-hours on one filling!

Guardian Technologies Humidifiers

Got a busy lifestyle? You need this mist humidifier that can easily last you up to 120 hours on one filling! Its ultrasonic technology will provide you relief from dryness ness and have your skin glowing once more.

VicTsing Humidifiers

Don’t you wish you had a humidifier that was smart enough to know when the room was too humid? The time is here! This humidifier has anti-bacterial disks and can balance the humidity levels easily while you sleep.

Vornado Humidifiers

With its smart cortex circulation, this humidifier is just what you need to bring moisture back into your home. It has an automatic humidity a good 24 hours before it needs a refill!

Why do you need a humidifier?

If you are among people who face various discomforts due to the air dryness during peak summer and winter seasons, then investing in a humidifier will be the perfect decision. Though, not everyone needs a humidifier in their homes, but if you are experiencing one of the problems mentioned earlier, then it’s a good sign that you need a humidifier.

Types of Humidifiers – Which one do you need?

There are many kinds of humidifiers to choose from, and it depends on three factors; home size, budget and personal preference. After reviewing these factors, you can decide what kind of humidifier is the best for your home and personal needs.

  • Central Humidifier

Central humidifiers are installed directly into either an air conditioning or heating unit of a home. As far as budget goes, central humidifiers are as expensive as they come, but their price justifies their use. A central humidifier will allow you to add moisture into air in an entire house. Since these humidifiers don’t emit heat like traditional humidifiers that are comparatively cheaper, they don’t carry risk of catching fire.

  • Evaporators

Unlike central humidifier, an evaporator doesn’t need to be installed directly into the heating or air conditioning units. In fact, an evaporative humidifier comes in form of a single-unit, blowing moisture into air with the help of a moistened filter that rest in front of a fan. It is with the help of this fan that moisture is blown into the air, making a home more comfortable than ever. It is considered as one of thebest room humidifiers.

  • Impeller Humidifiers

The mechanics of impeller humidifier are quite complicated than others. When rotating disks move at incredibly high speed, they help an impeller humidifier moisturize air in a room. Like a central humidifier, impeller humidifiers carry little to no risk of catching fire. In addition, these humidifiers are capable of creating cool air, thus, they stand as the most child-friendly humidifiers in the market.

There is, however, one downside of using an impeller humidifier i.e. it cannot humidify an entire house. Having said, it only contains power to effect air in a room where it is placed. Upon being overused, impeller humidifiers could create problems for people suffering from allergies as well as asthma. This is why when using an impeller humidifier, one needs to be careful.

  • Steam Vaporizer

These are electronically powered humidifiers. Steam vaporizer humidifier is a device that heats water and then proceeds to cool it before it releases it into the air. This is the cheapest kind of humidifier you will be able to find in the market. They are so accessible that you may even be able to find them at a local drugstore.

But you must remember that while a steam vaporizer may be the most affordable option if you are on a budget, it isn’t at all kid-friendly. Steam vaporizers have been known to cause burns.

  • Ultrasonic Humidifier

Ultrasonic humidifiers stand as state-of-the-art humidifiers that utilize ultrasonic vibrations, producing cool mist into the house. They are however a bit pricier than the other humidifier options available to choose from. They don’t only efficiently work for your whole home but also prove to be kid-friendly. An ultrasonic humidifier can also come in cool and warm versions so you can choose as per your requirements.

Easy to Control

Almost every humidifier is easy to control. However, when it is a matter of humidity, there needs to be a balance. While little humidity can be a problem, too much of it could cause severe health issues. The uncomfortable dampness you will begin to feel in your home due to too much humidity will lead to increased amount of dust mites, mildew, harmful bacteria, as well as mold. Thus, it’s essential to control your humidifier and stay safe against unwanted agonies.

Short-Term Remedy, Not a Medical Treatment

When a humidifier is used with extreme care, it could make a huge difference in a home. There are a wide range of health benefits you could avail by investing on a humidifier. Significant improvements will be experienced on skin, sinus, and overall atmosphere. However, regardless of specified benefits, you must remember that while humidifiers prove to be a great short-term remedy, they are in no way to be confused with full-fledged medical treatments.

If you have an underlying breathing or skin disorder, then it must be treated absolutely through the help of a medical official. A doctor could provide you with a permanent solution. However, if it’s only the extreme weather condition causing dry skin in the dead of winter or the peak summer time, then it will be in your best interest to invest in a humidifier. On top, it would create a pleasant and comfortable environment in an entire home or a room where you spend most of the time.

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