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Fish oil remains to hold its place as the most frequently used dietary supplement. This particular oil is mighty rich when it comes to omega- fatty acids that prove to be highly beneficial for your health. If you are someone who doesn’t consume a lot of fish in your diet then the best option for you is to consume fish oil supplements that will help your body gain the omega- fatty acids it needs to function at its primal state.

Let us take a look at how fish oil supplements can help and improve your health as a whole.

Why Omega 3 is Important for Health

Fish oil specifically is oil or fat that is directly extracted from the tissues of fish. Omega-3 fish oil usually come from fishes that are oily such as anchovies, mackerel, herring or tuna. However, fish oil may even be produced in the livers of some fish, an example of which would be cod liver oil.

It is recommended by the World Health Organization (WHO) that an average human should consume – portions of seafood every week in order to remain healthy. It is precisely because of omega- fatty acids that this recommendation has been made due to the benefits it brings with itself. Fish oil is responsible for protecting you from a lot of diseases you otherwise wouldn’t stand a fighting chance against. If you don’t eat the recommended portions of fish every week then there is always the option to take fish oil supplements that can help your body get omega-3s.

An estimate of 3 percent of fish oil is consists of omega-3s whereas the rest is made of several other fats. If this oil is unprocessed then it may also contain vitamin A and D that may have benefits of their own for you. The omega-3 found in fish contain eicosapentaenoic acid (EPA) as well as docosahexaenoic acid (DHA) whereas the omega-3 that may be derived from some plant sources contains mainly what is known as alpha-linolenic acid (ALA).

Omega 3 Fish oil Benefits

Here is a list of all the health benefits that you can avail by consuming the best omega-3 supplements.

Cardiovascular Diseases

Cardiovascular diseases are the leading cause of fatality all over the world. Several studies have shown that people who consume fish regularly count in those who have reduced rates of heart diseases. There are several risk factors that lead to heart diseases and they can all be tackled with the help of fish oil. Following is a list of benefits fish oil brings for continued heart health.

  • Cholesterol Levels: Fish oil can increase levels of HDL which is the “good cholesterol” in the body. But while that remains, there is no proof that it reduced levels of LDL which is the “bad cholesterol” in the body.
  • Triglycerides: Omega-3 has been known to reduce triglyceride levels by 15 to 30 percent in the human body.
  • Blood Pressure: Even if fish oil is consumed in smaller quantities throughout the week, it significantly helps normalize blood pressure in people who regularly suffer from high blood pressure levels.
  • Plaques: This forms in arteries near the heart that leads them to harden. Fish oil has been known to reduce arterial plaque as well as make the ones that already have it to stabilize and allow blood to flow freely through them.
  • Fatal Arrhythmias: People who are at risk of this should know that fish oil can help prevent an event such as this. Arrhythmia can often lead to heart attacks in some cases and all of that can be prevented with the help of fish consumption, but if not then dietary fish oil supplements.

Proper consumption of fish oil supplements can help tackle many heart problems. Though it may not cure heart attacks or strokes, it can help alleviate a lot of other heart issues that can prove to be extremely helpful.

Mental Health Disorders

A human brain consists of 60 percent fat and the majority of it contains omega-3 fatty acids. So if you were to consume an essential fatty acid such as omega-3 fish oil, it would be a great help to maintain normal brain function for you. There have been studies that show that people who have mental disorders such as ADHD, anxiety disorders, schizophrenia and even bipolar disorder show improvement after consumption of this dietary supplement. It can even help prevent psychotic episodes in patients.

Tackling with Rheumatoid Arthritis

Rheumatoid arthritis is an autoimmune condition that can result in joint inflammation. It is one of the most common diseases occurring in old age. Fish oil with Omega-3 can help in treating health conditions such as morning stiffness and aching limbs. It works by dampening down the inflammatory response of the immune system.

Strong Immune System

It has been shown that pregnant women who take omega-3 fish oil supplements have a strong immune system and pass that on to the children that they are carrying. This goes a long way as it also helps develop an infant’s visual development and reduces his risk of developing several allergies in the early stage of life.

How To Properly Consume Omega 3 Fish Oil Supplements

There are some things to consider before incorporating fish oil supplements into your daily diet.


The dosage of fish oil supplements you require depends on not only your age but also on your health. It is recommended by the World Health Organization to take about 0.2-0.5 grams of both EPA as well as DHA. But if you are pregnant then it may be good for you to increase the dosage to prevent heart disease in yourself as well as the child you are carrying. You must choose a fish oil supplement that is able to provide you with at least 0.3 grams which is 300 mg of both EPA as well as DHA in every serving.

Different Forms of Fish Oil

The best fish oil supplements come in a variety that you can choose from, it includes ethyl esters (EE), reformed triglycerides (rTG), triglycerides (TG), free fatty acids (FFA) as well as phospholipids (PL). Ethyl esters cannot be absorbed by the human body as well as the other forms that are listed can so it would be beneficial if you steer clear of fish oil supplements that contain ethyl esters.


Several fish oil supplements in the market contain an estimate of 1,000 mg of fish oil in every serving but only 300 mg of DHA and EPA. When you are buying fish oil supplements for yourself and your loved ones, be sure to check the labels to be sure that it should at least contain 500 mg of both DHA and EPA as well as 1,000 mg of fish oil in every serving for it to have its full impact on your health.

Product Purity

A lot of fish oil supplements out there don’t contain the ingredients that they say they do. In order to avoid products such as these, always go for a supplement that is “third-party tested” or contains a label of GOED standard purity. Only then you can know that the product is pure.

Freshness of the Product

Dietary supplements that contain omega-3 fatty acids are easily prone to oxidation and once that happens, they are of no use to you. In order to avoid this from happening, try buying a supplement that contains an oxidant in itself such as vitamin E. But even then, try to keep your fish oil supplements away from sunlight and store it in a cool place. Avoid fish oil supplements that have started to smell bad at all costs.


It is better to buy an olega-3 fish oil supplement that contains a sustainability certification. An example of this would be the Environmental Defense Fund or the Marine Stewardship Council (MSC).  The fish oil that is derived from anchovies and other small fish as such is more sustainable in comparison with bigger oily fish that produce omega-3.


There are other dietary factors that help absorb omega-3 fatty acids into your body better. This essentially means that you must always take your fish oil supplements with your meal that contains some amount of fat.

Precautions to Take Before Consuming Omega-3 Fish Oil Supplements

There are some potential side effects of consuming omega-3 fatty acids that you need to wary of if you are on certain medications. If you take prescribed medication every day then it is better if you consult with your doctor before taking any kind of dietary supplements with your meal.

People who bruise easily should be careful with their omega-3 fatty acid consumption even through a supplement. The list of people who should be careful includes people with bleeding disorders. If you are on medications such as blood thinners, warfarin, clopidogrel, and even aspirin then you need to consult your doctor prior to taking omega-3 fish oil supplements.

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Final Thoughts

As far as the list of benefits that omega-3 fish oil supplements bring into your life, it is endless. However, if you suffer from an underlying medical condition then it is suggested that you take these dietary supplements under the direction of the physician that handles your medical cases. From alleviating mental disorders to preventing heart diseases, there is a lot that these supplements can do for you if you take them the right way with your meal. So when are you going to start?

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