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When you are over-weight you can often suffer from depressed thoughts as you feel that everyone around you is better looking than you. For many people, losing weight can be a major struggle if they suffer from thyroid imbalances but for those who simply have a busy lifestyle with work and studies, weight loss pills are effective option because they work so well. There have been very few weight loss drugs that have been approved by the Food and Drug Administration since the year 2012. These help several obese adults lose excess weight in a limited amount of time! Isn’t that everyone’s dream?

Regardless of the fact that best weight loss pills can help jump start the weight loss process, it can be difficult to find the one that works best for you. That is what we are here to help you with today. With a little bit of information about each kind of weight loss medication, hopefully, you’ll find your god-send product as well!

5 Most Popular Weight Loss Pills

  •  alli Weight Loss Pills

Imagine if 25 percent of the fat in things you ate didn’t get absorbed in your body. It isn’t Christmas but with this dietary supplement, it is possible! Whether you are a man or a woman, weight loss is now possible for you with much ease.

  • Dr. Tobias

Sometimes a colon cleanse is exactly what you need to kick start your health. With this 14 day cleanse, you get natural ingredients to help you get rid of all the bacteria in your body. It is quick, painless and gets the job done!

  • NatureWise

This is a fatty acid supplement that is not simulating and helps in order to enhance your exercise. It increases your lean muscle mass while you exercise and reduces your excess body fat much faster.

  • Quality Encapsulations

This is an obesity management dietary supplement that helps you lose unwanted fat by suppressing your diet in a way that is healthy. They come in quality capsules that are easy to take with every meal so you barely know they’re there.

  • PhenELITE

This is a quality fat burning formula that allows you to rapidly lose weight all the while boosting your metabolism. It is safe, it is easy and it is convenient!

What Television Ads Tell You About Weight Loss Pills

You will see ads on the television that encourage you to buy dietary pills by saying “boost your energy” and “isn’t it time you shed those extra pounds?” They make you wonder if anyone really needs to waste hours in a week at the gym when a simple pill can help shed those pounds the same way anyway. A stark 60 percent of Americans are now considered to be obese and this is precisely what has turned the business of weight loss pills into a multibillion-dollar industry in the United States alone.

The question, however, is whether or not these weight loss pills work on the promises they make you. If they actually help you lose weight, do they keep it at bay?  Weight loss medication comes in all shapes and sizes. Following is a list that will help you easily identify which kind of weight loss medication would be the best fit for you on your weight loss journey.

Prescription Medication

Prescription weight loss pills can only be consumed if a certified doctor prescribes it. Weight loss medication such as Meridia and Xenical can be used by patients by a prescription. These drugs are to be carefully regulated as per instructions by the FDA and their use is monitored by doctors. So if you think these are what you need then you may need to convince your doctor first. Don’t worry, once you get them, you can start losing big pounds if you know what we mean!

Over-The Counter Weight Loss Medication

These weight loss pills are available easily without a doctor’s intervention. They can be available to you at your local supermarket or drugstore. All you have to do is do a little research online about what the ingredients are that go into the kind of over-the-counter weight loss medication you want and then be on your way to buy it. Who knows, maybe you will have it with you in time for dinner!

Herbal Weight Loss Medication

These are a form of over-the-counter weight loss medication that can easily be available without a prescription. You will find a list of variety to choose from when it comes to herbal weight loss medications. These can also be found at nutrition stores near you as well as at drugstores and supermarkets. They are labelled to be all natural weight loss pills so you know they are great for your health. These will do you more good than any weight loss medication will and start to show you immediate results as well.

You can also choose from liquid form of weight loss medication or powder form. Both of these types can be found in the 3 basic categories of weight loss medication listed above. It all depends on what your weight loss goals are to decide what kind of medication you require.

Do Diet Pills Work?

Most drug stores that sell over-the-counter weight loss medication will tell you that this particular product that you are buying will help you lose as much as 30 pounds in under 30 days without the intervention of exercise or diet! There are some drugs that work this way but they are mostly prescription meds as we will tell you in a bit.

Very few drugs such as the prescription kind called Meridia and Xenical have shown in studies that they help the users lose significant pounds in a very small timeframe. But you also need to add exercise in the mix as once you do, everyone will wonder how you lost all that weight so fast!

The Verdict About Diet Pills

You may not like to hear this but weight loss medication is only ever meant to be taken for a short period of time, it is six or less months. In this time a prescription weight loss medication may help you lose as much as 5 to 22 pounds which is essentially 10 percent of your body weight. But upon crossing the 6 month threshold, your body may end up developing a resistance to the weight loss medication you are taking. So it is important to start your weight loss journey with weight loss medication but to also exercise a healthy amount every week.

Are There Any Side Effects of Weight Loss Medication?

Different weight loss pills contain different ingredients so their side effects may easily vary.

In medication like Orlistat which contains fat blockers and removes fat from the intestines, you may experience side effects such as gas, diarrhea as well as highly uncomfortable cramping. Since this particular drug reduces your body’s absorption of several essential vitamins as well as nutrition, it is recommended that you take multivitamin supplements with these weight loss drugs to remain healthy.

If you are taking prescription medication that is Meridia as well as another similar weight loss medication then you may experience high blood pressure levels as well as an elevated heart rate.

Apart from these small side effects, what we urge you to do is look at the bigger picture. You have been wanting to shed weight for a very long time. Whether it is about fitting into a wedding gown that you bought months ago or just rocking that two pieces, you have weight goals you want to achieve. The only way to give yourself a head start on this journey is with the help of the best weight loss pills out there.

Bottom Line

Keep in mind that while weight loss medication may help you lose weight short-term they are not at all a solution for long-term weight loss goals. Most people continue taking weight loss medication even if they cross the 6 month threshold and wonder why they are gaining weight instead of losing it. It is because their bodies have developed a resistance to the weight loss medication that they are taking. In order to avoid something like this ever happening to you, you must join a gym in order to exercise regularly while also taking your weight loss medication. Keep a balance then rock that two pieces, we say!

Regular exercise is good for you as it doesn’t only help you lose the pounds you need to shed in order to fit into that dress you have been wanting to buy, but it also keeps scary heart diseases as bay. So the next time you decide to kick start your struggle to losing unwanted weight, know that weight loss pills can start your journey but ultimately it is the regular exercise that safeguards it and allows you to maintain your ideal weight.

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