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Many times in life, we are well aware of the worst outcomes but unable to get out of that condition. Probably, the same thing happens with most of the chain smokers when they first desire to quit smoking.

Then, each time a smoker wants to quit smoking, the desire to puff becomes more and more. In case, smoker gives in; depression finds its way. This vicious cycle continues until the smoker finds an ultimate way.

Whether your aim is new or you were already struggling to quit smoking. I have this “Definite Guide” that will satisfy your Query “How to Quit Smoking.”

Frankly speaking, I can’t give you a guarantee like this, “When you read this guide till the end, you will never smoke again.” Instead, I will provide you with a proven guideline which will make you capable enough that you quit smoking yourself. So let’s Dive in:

-Don’t Quit make less!

In the journey to quit smoking there is a rule I call “Don’t Quit, make less”. I repeat, you will not able to quit smoking at once, instead of slow rehabilitation is the best method you can adopt.

From the day, you decided to quit smoking! Don’t instantly stop that day. Minimize your smoking time. If you smoke ten cigarettes in one day, lessen it to 9 per day. After a few days when you feel that you are improving, then minimize to 8.

Try the method mentioned above, until you feel some internal power. It is the power that guides the remaining Journey. In case, you don’t feel the power to quit; you are not ready for the next step. Although this sounds weird for some over motivated people, it is practical.

I call this the most challenging part. Those people who are smoking from years can’t be able to do this in the first attempt. Try again and again, many problems will come but remember one thing. With great difficulties come great delights.

Note: I suggest you read this paragraph once again as a lot is hidden you will not notice in the first try.


When a chain smoker arrive at a situation when his decision is dependent on his willpower, then the stage of improvement comes. Improvement here means improving the power of mind and body as well.

It is scientifically proved that smoking only once hurts the nerves badly. While a person who is smoking for years face many adverse effects like no stress bearing ability, no power of decision making and many other physical and mental problems.

The stage of improvement is to cope with all such challenges. An effective method to tackle these challenge is by this formula, “Develop a higher taste to discard the Lower one.

You have to develop a definite taste for something else to improve your life and to quit smoking. Like one good way is to read Books and know about the real world. Self-help books prove worthy in such cases.

Another thing you can do is play some games like chess which makes the mind fresh. Spending time with family and taking a deep meditation are also two things one can do.


After improvement comes the phase of relaxation. When you learn and explore new things and improve yourself, then certain irregular activities starting to take place.

Your own body will start fighting with your willpower. You will find yourself in trouble even though you are not. You will be surrounded by a lot of bad ideas like to start smoking again. Such rubbish thoughts will fill your brain.

This is the time to make your willpower strong. The only way you can do is be remain poise and don’t over think. It is easy to say not to over think but doing it much difficult.

One common practice that you can use to control over thinking is to travel and explore new things. In case you can’t do this meditation will help to manage your thoughts.

The period of overthinking starts after 10-12 day after following the “Don’t Quit make Less” Rule. It lasts for 7-8 days. I must mention one thing here that only 10% of people reach this stage in their first attempt. I case you failed don’t quit, stand up and try again.


If you have passed the relaxation phase, you can better understand this new concept. When a person prepares himself to quit smoking, a fight starts. This fight is between his mind and willpower.

In the initial stage willpower has no control over mind, and hence the behavior is sluggish. However, when a person makes his willpower strong, the fight reaches its peak. It is the test of willpower. In case willpower buckled, a stream of depression surrounds a person.

The body of person proves a third contender in the fight. He feels his body can’t live without smoking. But believe me, if willpower can defeat mind, the body itself cures.

To fight with an unknown enemy is a very arduous thing. But after this awful trench of depression lies the beautiful valley of happiness. But unfortunately, a person has to fight this battle alone.

This may sound imaginative for those who just started to quit smoking or for a general reader. But those who have successfully passed through the rehabilitation agree with this idea.

This phase can last from one to three weeks.

Ultimate Goal and Persistence:

In between a fight of willpower and mind. A stage will come when your mind becomes a slave of willpower. But one bad thing, you never know when it will arrive. It is the time, when you are ready to quit smoking.

At this time, you will feel filled with power and energy. If you reach this stage, I congratulate you because this is the ultimate destination.

However, one thing you must know that persistence is more difficult than hard work. It would be best if you continuously took measures to keep yourself away from smoking. Another thing, doesn’t be arrogant on this achievement.

Now my last words “In case you have read this guide with heart, and you really want to quit smoking, this article will prove a thorough guide.”

Gary Wilhelmsson

Being a nutritional specialist, Gary holds a Master’s degree in Food Sciences. With having an obsession of pets, Gary loves to write about the dietary and nutritional requirements of human beings as well as Feline and Canine.

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