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Sydney’s healthcare system is one of the best in the world. In fact, why the Australian healthcare system is considered the second most comprehensive system in the world is mainly because of the innovations in medicine that were institutionalised in Sydney. Currently, Sydney is leading in healthcare outcomes, processes, access, and administrative efficiency.

Part of Sydney’s effort to increase the access of patients to medical care is the adaptation of telemedicine. This paves the way for more patients to access medical care even without visiting healthcare facilities. Aside from that, patients can look for an after-hours doctor in Sydney as they rest at home and wait for the physician’s visit. It is significantly the better option than going out and congesting the hospitals.

Since numerous doctors are offering the same service, finding the right doctor who can provide the right medical services can be daunting. To help you tackle this task, check out these tips:

Choose a doctor who offers a variety of medical services

Different clinics offer different services. The key to a worry-free medical consultation is working with a doctor who offers check-up and urgent non-life-threatening medical services. Through this, you will only have one doctor to call when you suddenly have diarrhoea or experience muscle pain or heartburn in the middle of the night. He will also be the same doctor who will visit you for a routine medical check-up on your agreed consultation date.

Choose a doctor who already knows your medical history

Your medical history would shed light on your current health status. Usually, all your past symptoms, diagnosis, and medication details are noted in your medical history. So, if your current doctor knows your past health conditions, there will be continuity in your health record and the present medical management will not contraindicate your past medications. Plus, if you are allergic to a lot of things and certain medications, your medical history will save you from the detrimental effects of anaphylaxis.

Work with a doctor who specialises in your medical complaint

Say, for example, you persistently suffer from allergic rhinitis and asthma, it is favourable if you seek the services of a licensed allergist. The same is true if you have chronic high blood pressure and other cardiovascular conditions — it would be beneficial to work with a cardiologist. If you need an after-hours doctor in Sydney to always check up on your overall medical well-being, a general physician would be the best fit. If your condition worsens and you need a specialist, your general physician can refer you to one.

Check how you can pay for your medical care

In Sydney, there are plenty of ways of paying for the medical care that you receive. One of these is through Medicare, the universal healthcare system in Australia. If you are a permanent resident of Australia, most of your medical costs can be subsidised under this public insurance system.

However, if you are a visitor or someone living under a work or 457 visa, your medical costs can be covered provided that your home country entered into a Reciprocal Health Care Agreement with Australia. Check with your after-hours doctor if he/she is accredited under Medicare. If not, check if he accepts other private health insurances.

The final takeaway

Keeping yourself and your family safe nowadays may seem like waging war. However remember, this too, shall pass. So, rather endangering yourself and risking it all to go out for the medical attention, take the help of a home doctor instead. This way, you can protect yourself, your loved ones, and other members of your community.

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