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In this decade, we’ve seen the rising use of Cannabis in many forms due to the discovered medicinal purpose it holds.

Following the discovery came the legalization of it in many countries, and after that, there was no turning back to its use becoming more common than ever.

CBD is basically the short form for ‘Cannabidiol,’ which is the oil of Cannabis plants, more commonly known as ‘Marijuana’ plants.

Although cannabis plants are typically associated with being drugs taken to ‘get high,’ the CBD oil is NOT a psychoactive drug. It is instead opted to use to cure many medical problems.

Are there any real benefits to taking CBD Oil?

Yes, there are. CBD capsules are well known to reduce pain, as they bind to neurotransmitters and reduce inflammation. It’s a functional medicine for treating joint pain and arthritis.

It has scientifically been proven to improve walking and muscle spasms, as well as reducing the pain.

It also reduces anxiety and depression, as it has antidepressant-like effects. CBD oil capsules can also be used to reduce and eliminate acne IF it suits your skin type.

The better way to take CBD – Capsules vs. Oil

CBD has been incorporated in the softgels, so it can easily be consumed like a daily supplement. It’s a small pill that you have to swallow, and it is easy to take with you and consume on the go.

CBD oil, on the other hand, is taken by using a dropper and measuring the amount prescribed to you and your condition. So yes, it may give off druggie vibes, if you do that in public.

Hence proving that the better option is to go for the CBD capsule pills, as it is much more convenient!

Pros and Cons of Capsules and Oil

  • Time Taken for Effects

Although the capsules have been proven to be the more ‘decent’ and more comfortable to consume option, it must be noted that the capsules take a considerably longer time to absorb in the body, as they have to dissolve first, then be broken down and then finally, the body absorbs them and uses them.

On the other hand, oil is absorbed faster and put to use quicker by the body.

  • Dosage

The capsules are much more suitable to take if you’ve been prescribed a certain amount to on a daily basis, as they’re already readily available in different amounts.

Whereas the oil has to be measured yourself on a dripper, so although you can take whatever amount is suggested, it will take a longer time to do so.

  • Taste

Capsules are often odourless and tasteless, so it will be easier to consume. Whereas the oil is fresher, and hence the taste of the combined oils can be felt.

  • Affordability

Since the oil is a less processed form and no effort is done to combine them into pills, the oil itself is known to be cheaper while the pills are pricier in comparison, due to the manufacturing cost it requires.

Are there any other options to choose from?

Yes, there are more options to choose from. Apart from oil-made capsules and direct consumption of the CBD oil, you can use CBD oil-based lotions and creams, which are often used by those undergoing acne treatments. Some lotions are also used to treat joint and muscle pains.

Some CBD is a part of edibles – mainly being gummy bears. They’re affordable, portable, discrete, and tasty.

Another option is to consume it using vape or E-cigarettes. It’s inhaled and absorbed directly from the lungs into the bloodstream, hence being the fastest to put the CBD into effect.

Ending Question – Should I go for it?

Considering that there really are medicinal purposes that are scientifically proven and CBD is used in many treatments, we would recommend you to take the oil. Still, ONLY under a prescription, so you DO NOT get addicted.

Marilyn Broadwick

Marilyn hold a diploma in beauty. She finds her passion in enhancing others’ beauty and identifying root cause of the skin issues.

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