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 In the past couple of decades, we’ve moved drastically towards GMO foods, which are ‘genetically modified organisms’. These foods are those who have scientifically had their DNAs altered so that they could provide a greater purpose.

Often foods are altered to provide people with appropriate amounts of vitamins or minerals to meet their daily requirements, which is why people tend to opt for these foods.

However, what people don’t realize is that there is a downside to it as well, as it can cause allergic reactions, may cause antibiotic resistance to various bacterias, and even consists of possible carcinogens that may lead to you developing cancer.

For this very reason, to combat and give an alternate option, industries are now manufacturing and supplying organic or ‘non-GMO foods’ now. And people are all for it.

On the quest to find the best options without GMOs, people have begun to turn to non-GMO meal replacement protein shakes.

What is non-GMO meal replacement shakes?

These are shakes that are portable and can be taken on the go. You have the liberty to choose whatever kind you want, based on your taste buds.

Meal replacement shakes are used to put your body in a caloric deficit, so you consume fewer calories, all the while remaining full.

These shakes are meant to be high in protein and low in their sugar content.

Are these shakes adequate to eating full meals?

Meal replacement protein shakes are meant to make you feel fuller, as they contain a combination of healthy foods, intended to provide the nutrition of a full meal.

These shakes consist of a mixture of fiber, proteins, vitamins, and minerals, which try to fulfill the RDA (recommended daily allowance) for you.

So we assure you, this non-GMO meal replacement protein shakes will NOT leave you feeling hungry.

Do these shakes promote weight loss?

To lose weight, we have to reduce our carbohydrate and fat intake and consistently be in a calorie deficit. The more our deficit is from our regular daily meals, the more chances we have to shed those extra pounds.

Since these shakes are high in protein and have next to nothing when it comes to carbohydrates and sugars, these shakes range as low as 200 to 300 calories.

This is considered a low intake of calories per meal, as our normal meals go upto 500 calories. So this deficit will definitely promote weight loss.

You’ll see and feel the results in a week or two, plus you won’t have to worry about making yourself a healthy meal, because with this instant powder, it’ll only take a minute!

What are the benefits of these non-GMO meal replacement shakes?

– These shakes are known to provide nutrients that you would otherwise not consume on a daily basis – this will really help your health and prevent any deficiencies from developing, especially calcium, potassium, iron, and vitamin D ones.

– Helps in strengthening your immune system – the more healthier and natural foods you consume, the better for your digestive system, as your body is absorbing all organic nutrients.

– Since this is a non-GMO shake, it makes it completely organic, which is also vegan-friendly — no hazards of carcinogens and also, no ethical concerns.

– Promotes fitness – the lack of toxins in this shake due to no DNA mutations, will help keep your body clear of extra chemicals. This will not risk you to any diseases, hence keeping your body healthy.

We all know how hard it is to find organic food in this era. We have no clue on how many chemicals have been infused into our ‘fresh’ vegetables and fruits in the form of insecticides or pesticides.

For this very reason, consuming this non-GMO meal replacement protein shake is better, as you’ll be carefree about what’s going into your body.

Your future self will definitely thank you for this later!

We do recommend speaking to your physician before completely shifting to these shakes.

Gary Wilhelmsson

Being a nutritional specialist, Gary holds a Master’s degree in Food Sciences. With having an obsession of pets, Gary loves to write about the dietary and nutritional requirements of human beings as well as Feline and Canine.

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