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There are many DNA tests which are available in the market but very few are authentic.  Among those are the 23 and me and ancestry DNA is the kits that have become so famous with the years. There are some 26 million citizens who have taken the DNA kits; they were very big reward item for them in the vacation season. The capabilities are absolutely endless from discovering the birth mother after a long gap of 47 years that they are related to a president. The results are really very supportive and great.

These DNA tests have been added more and more to the people’s list, as there is the number of kits you can opt is overwhelming .and the result?  A lot of people are eager in opting out simply as they are not sure which kit to purchase. The twitter threads prove that being found out the what, who and where had we come from and made into this person and you are the way the best one to pass up.

As people wanted to decide about what kind of tests needed for them then they have done some researches for them in order to make sure and make people comfortable in choosing the best kit out of them.  They have been brought an amazing DNA test evaluation guide that has been looking at seven popular DNA kits over there: Ancestry DNA, 23 and me, Living DNA, My heritage family Tree DNA, National geographical Geno 2.0 and African Ancestry   to give a clear picture and difference among each of them so that you can choose out the best.

Firstly going down deeply about the kits, we should know its importance and ensure that we understand the terms that are given frequently so that we can lever as how the DNA testing kits really operates.

Autosomal Testing

It is one of the famous and the main is for genetic testing, which is generally known as the family finder .and this doesn’t involve any sex but instead, it looks out of 22 chromosomes. It is used to find out any heritable diseases, eye color, any common genetic traits or far-away relative matching and the mixture percentages. Every kit is examined for the autosomal testing.


The mitochondrial DNA traces the mother’s lineage, and these strands pass down to children from the mother. There are very few chances that there could be any change, thus the direct maternal line gets traced back in a quicker way.

Y-DNA concentrates on the Y chromosome, it is being known as the male chromosome, and this traces father lineage .these are one which is passed from father to son and can be traced. And the main thing to be noted is only males can use this test directly. And in all-time women connects their DNA with a brother or the male relative in order to receive these outputs or with the profile of the father.

Things to be noted: Y DNA and mtDNA tests can draw back between 20-100 generations, instead the autosomal tests can trace between 5 -8 generations.

  1. 23 AND ME

  • Over 1000 regions make it the most all encompass the test out there.
  • $99 -$99 would be the pricing.
  • The related tests are Autosomal, T-DNA, Y-DNA, and health.
  • We need to wait for at least 2-4 weeks.

23 and I is the only one which offers the health screening aside from the other kits. And it’s a nod to each person’s individual set of 23 chromosomes. You need to collect the spit in the tube and send for testing in which the result who takes 2-4 weeks time to receive. Result is kept frequently, so you can log in any time and look at the update to update your family tree.

The unique character about 23 and me is that it does all the health and wellness screening and it gives us valuable information like genetic illness, health risks, carrier status on health conditions they are in your family. They give a clear description of the checkups you may want to get scheduled. It gives a guaranteed view of future health.

  1. Ancestry DNA

It is a large genealogical pool and the ability to connect with relatives from start to finish.

  • $99 -$199 would be the pricing.
  • The related tests are autosomal.
  • It has a wait time of 6-8 weeks.
  • This is most commonly used and well-known DNA service most people use .you just need to fill the tube with some amount of spit and send it to the testing and you will receive the result within 6- 8 weeks.
  • The good: Ancestry DNA pulls from the genealogical pool from 700,000 locations all over 350 regions. The ancestry DNA review is really very helpful for you to make a choice.

Importance of DNA Ancestry Test

Here many adopters are using DNA to uncover their biological families, and many of the gene logistics are searching for a DNA ancestry which will help to increase their family trees.

There are three types of tests to consider these ancestry purposes, and all the three being obtained by one DNA sample and that too with the source of one company… the family tree DNA.

Not every company offers these three tests very few offers for all the three.

90% of the gene logistics use this along with genetic genealogy tests. Thus you will never go the wrong mistake by using them.

The Test for the Ancestors

The most exciting DNA test is the “FAMILY FINDER TEST” which is the newest DNA ancestry test. Greater than 700,000 locations this SNP base4d autosomal test searches in the DNA you are inherited from both the parents (mother and father). It’s understood that their match will have some common ancestors with you who is present in either branch of the family tree for at least 5 generations or so. Thus these methods are really good for the people and they give good results.

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