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If you are new to your company or own a small or medium-sized business then hosting your website on VPS is the perfect way to host your site for optimum performance.

Many businesses choose VPS hosting to keep traffic on their site stable and maintain it so that businesses will not be harmed by online means. You get a virtual server in VPS hosting that represents a physical server but the computer is actually shared among the other servers so you get private space in that environment.

In terms of scalability and resources, VPS provides a very stable environment. The efficiency and uptime in VPS is excellent, as it receives an equal portion of the storage space and high configuration as of dedicated server.

VPS hosting is provided by several hosting providers such as MilesWeb, Bigrock, Hostinger, Bluehost but I would recommend that you go with MilesWeb. As they are the most reliable and powerful web hosting providers in the market.

MilesWeb has been providing excellent web hosting plans for all types of websites with amazing features over the past few years.

MilesWeb VPS hosting

MilesWeb provides VPS hosting for managed Linux VPS windows, based on KVM hypervisor technology and optimized SSD storage. (KVM) is an open-source Linux Kernel virtualization infrastructure that transforms it into a hypervisor. MilesWeb provides Linux and Windows Hosting Plan powered by KVM technology.

MilesWeb VPS Hosting Plans

The plans under MilesWeb VPS are mainly divided under two platforms:  Linux VPS hosting and
Windows VPS hosting.

Let’s take a look at these plans

As seen from the above image, they provide a wide range of plans under their VPS hosting. Depending upon the platform on which your website or application is built you can choose either one of these platforms.

Let’s take a look at Windows VPS hosting plans.

vpsFeatures of MilesWeb VPS hosting

Free Migration

You can switch your website to MilesWeb if you aren’t satisfied with your current web host. They have a support team to help you move your website at no cost. You can determine a time for migration according to your convenience, and let them know about it. The required process will be carried out by their team without any downtime.

Free SSL

You get a free SSL Certificate from MilesWeb with every hosting package that you take from them. An SSL certificate not only boosts your search rankings but it also helps in gaining the trust of your visitors. This is because SSL encrypts all the data transmitted to and from your website.

99.95 % Uptime

MilesWeb aims to give uptime of 99.95% with the help of their Tier-3 and Tier-4 data centers. They do have some scheduled downtimes for routine maintenance and upgrades but, overall, it can be assured that they will still keep their pledge to give the best uptime. The point of getting a website is to guarantee that your visitors will still be able to access it. Your website will always be running and you won’t face issues of downtime.

Solid-State Drives (SSD)

SSDs use a flash mechanism that helps to boost the load speed for your website. MilesWeb has their servers integrated with SSDs that gives fast speed and durability.

SSH and Root Access:

With SSH and root access, you get complete control of the server in your VPS environment. Using this, you can perform tasks on your server remotely.

Free VPS Management

You will be worry-free about the management of your server management. MilesWeb optimizes and manages the entire VPS server for you at no extra expense.

Resource Monitoring Dashboard

The quick, user-friendly dashboard helps you to reboot VPS, monitor memory use, load server and manage other VPS system configurations.

Global Datacenters

The server location lets you get the best uptime, thus MilesWeb lets you choose your own data center of your choice. MilesWeb offers a datacenter in the UK, India, USA, Canada, Singapore and Australia.

Multiple Host Sites

MilesWeb enables you to host multiple sites with one VPS account. They offer multi-domain hosting.

Instant Provisioning

You get access to your VPS server instantly with MilesWeb and you don’t have to wait until the VPS hosting is deployed.

Free Setup

The setup fees are not needed since all VPS hosting servers are automatically deployed.


You’re getting plenty of the best features needed to make your hosting experience smooth and efficient. It provides great value for your money, along with user-friendliness and excellent hosting

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