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Cloud computing has proven to be a cost effective method that facilitates real time data collection, data storage, and exchange between healthcare organizations. Patient safety is, of course, an ongoing concern in hospitals and clinics that can very nicely be dealt through better processes and technological solutions. The healthcare environment is consistently shifting in order to accommodate the new advancements. The rampant changes are leading to greater speed and efficiency throughout the firm, but the wellbeing of the patient still should be considered as priority.

CloudIt is quite astonishing to know that almost 90% of data today is being produced in last 2 years. It is reported that almost 2 quintillion bytes of data are generated every day. The amount of data being produced is rising exponentially.

Why Cloud is the best solution for healthcare?

●      Unique demand of the segment

Government and Healthcare institutions, as with any other service operation, demands continuous and systematic innovations in order to remain cost effective, efficient, timely, and to provide high quality services. There are numerous experts who believe that cloud computing can improve healthcare by reducing the electronic health record startup expenses, which includes hardware, software, network, personnel, licensing fees, and therefore, will encourage its adoption.

●      Automation

One example of a cloud based healthcare service is a proposed system that mainly automates the process of collecting valuable data of patients via a network of sensors connected to legacy medical devices, and then to deliver the same set of information to medical center’s cloud for storage, processing, and distribution

●      Increase in Average Life Expectancy

The histrionic increase in average life prospect led to faster population aging. This, as a result, has created an additional demand for resources, and a diverse medical care. Innovative and cost effective methods are required to meet the demands and challenges of the sector. This is where the role of cloud computing comes into play, they can offer practical solutions as in the new clinical information management system called Collaborative Care Solution.

CSS (Collaborative Care Solution) was developed in November 2010, by IBM and Active Health Management. The system was based on cloud computing with a genuine intention, to help Government and healthcare staff to easily access health care data, and information from various sources such as EHR.

●      Makes It Easy For the Governments around the World

The healthcare organizations in the US are mainly driven by the HITECH (Health Information Technology for Economic and Clinical Health) Act. The act has proven to be quite influential in helping out the Government in meeting the demands of health segment. This act supports the move of medical practices and healthcare organization from the old school paper-based system to cloud-based systems.

In the UK, the National Health Service took a similar step, in fact a bigger step, as they allowed and facilitated patient’s access to their own EHRs. It was due to a proposal made in 2011 by NHS, with focus being on revolutionizing healthcare practices and involving patients in the entire decision making process. Their involvement in the process increases the ownership drastically, which in a way means they can have kind of control over their own health.

●      Security of Healthcare Data With Cloud Computing

The cloud data has proven to be a magnificent tool in safeguarding patient’s record and confidentiality. In order to maintain the security and privacy of healthcare data, both cloud service providers and health care organizations have taken strong steps and measures to secure a safe handling of patient’s data. Most of concerns roots from the concept of having medical data and information that are classified as confidential to be in cloud servers, a virtual world where information can be hacked. Considering all these elements in mind, cloud software has taken rigorous steps in ensuring maximum possible security levels.Data Protection

The Bottom Line

Cloud computing has done wonders in benefiting healthcare institutions. No matter how fast the clinic can eventually process new patients, it must make sure to be able to accurately perform diagnosis, keep perfect record, and ensure that the appropriate treatment is administered at the correct time. These are essentially critical components of providing effective healthcare, and some of the options available through cloud computing is making it possible.

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