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There are thousands of shops worldwide, both online and physical shops. However, some shops are known to either sell substandard products or offer inadequate customer and after-sales services. Technology has enabled online transactions of goods and services globally, hence the growth of e-Commerce in our society.

Once you have made up your mind on purchasing a product either online or at the stores, there are vital things that you must take note of. This will determine the value of money spent when acquiring a service or a product. Getting acquainted with these details and processes can immensely save you a lot of headaches when the deal goes sour.

Below are the four crucial details that you need to know before making purchases;

Product Information

Knowing the details of the product you want to purchase is the most important and the first step towards buying a product. Most customers end up making an impulse purchase due to a lack of information on the product they exactly need to purchase. Do not get duped into buying a product just because your friend or neighbor bought the same product. You need to research the item first before making any purchase. The features of a product are essential to know what the product is capable of performing, the color of the product, dimensions, and warranty service that come with the product.


Upon knowing the product details through various research methods such as Google or YouTube, you can go ahead and place an order with your seller. You may want to know, for instance, if the store provides afterpay fridges & washing machines. However, you need to understand how the product will reach you.

It is essential to ask your seller some crucial questions about your product delivery. Ask them where and when your product will get shipped from and is also necessary to know how long it will take to get your products delivered. The store or the courier services should provide you with a tracking number to trace the movement of your product before it gets delivered.


Sometimes, the product ordered may have some defects, or you may opt to change the mind of your purchase. Most stores give 12 months warranty for their products. They believe that’s enough time to notice any defects on their product based on the manufacture’s standards.

Proper channels have to be followed when returning goods to the supplier, and you are required to lodge complaints through official email contact. The warranties team will assess your claim and take further actions based on their assessments. It is important to note that no request can be granted to you if there is no approval from the seller.


This service allows for making payments for goods in 8 weeks through four easy installments. Afterpay allows you to make payments of up to $ 1000 through your debit or credit card in an easy installment. The process is simple, and there are no hidden charges incurred.


You can purchase using afterpay fridges & washing machines to enjoy the convenience of online purchases for bulky goods.

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